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The Tableau of Friendship, Peace, Brotherhood/Sisterhood and a Happy World life the World history has been Imagining for Centuries, has begun, even if slowly, and to Sow its Seeds parallel to the Consciousness level of the World People. And now, the World is going through its Age of Puberty.

Every Period has a life Tableau peculiar to itself. All the Sacred Books conveyed to Us until today are the Celestial Doctrines presenting Us the perfection OUR ALLAH Expects from Humanity.

Humanity has been able to Succeed until today, in catching a standard life of a Social Order by Disciplining the Negative seeds within itself in proportion with its Respect and Love towards ALLAH.

All the Sacred Books have a Single Purpose. And that is to be able to Convey the entire Humanity to a Celestial Evolution. However, the Universal View of a Person to be unveiled from the Consciousness of the 3. Dimension towards the infinite, comprises Different interpretations in accordance with Understandings and Consciousnesses.

Theories leave their place in time to Scientific proofs. For this reason, we do not have the Right to deny and to deface something which we are not yet Able to Understand and which we can not Comprehend.

Universality is a project and a program unveiling layer by layer in accordance with each Consciousness Level. That is never a Philosophical View. The Genuine Universality is a Celestial Evolution and Application.

The Knowledge Book which will carry to the World platform a mutual Brotherhood/Sisterhood in each Religion today and in the morrows is Addressing Our Planet from Dimensions the Consciousness level of the World People has not reached yet.

For this reason, We consider very Natural the attitudes of Humanity, denying each Novelty until today, has assumed towards the Knowledge Book at the moment. Because, in every Period this has happened thus.

Again we as a Totality accept by Great Tolerance the wrong Considerations and the Intentional Assaults rendered in Opposition to Us until today and all of us love everybody very much. Because, we are all Brothers and Sisters.

For Us, every Human is a Light and a Divine Light from Allah. Respect for the Human Being is Respect for Allah. Love for the Human Being is Love for Allah. This is a Universal Slogan of Ours.