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I was asked to write an article about water. Just as I was wondering what I could write about Water which we all Know and Express with Classical Words, Water opened up its Doors and its World to me.


There I saw the profundity of Water, characterized chemically with the symbol H20 and expressed -in Turkish- with two little letters "Su", reaching far beyond our imagination


To put it roughly WATER is a Source of Life for the Human Being, for Nature and for Everything. When we read the Turkish word for water "SU" in reverse, we see that it spells "US" which means Mind. In other words, Water is in fact a Power which is alive and has a Mind of its own.


At the same time Water is a Therapist which Replenishes our Soul with its Visual Grandeur and its Beauties in Nature; it is an Illusionist, which disguises itself according to the environment it is in, and it also is an artist.


Which hand I wonder has embroidered that delicate, dainty lace in a Snow Flake? A drop of Water which disguises itself in pseudonyms such as Steam, Ice, Snow, when on the leaf of a rose, will pull us into unprecedented vortices of Thought


It is not a Only a Means which nourishes our Body and keeps us alive but also a Power Potential which Stimulates our Thoughts. If we regard Water as a beverage then it will be Only your Bodily requirement.


If you think About a Drop of Water in depth, you can Find the Entire Universe and God in it. Water is Love, Romanticism and at the same time it is Death. Water will drown you and you Die. Watching the rain fall you can capture Romanticism and at a Seaside, It will approach you as Love.


Thousands of water molecules in a Drop of Water are an Angel by the name of Rain rising from the earth to the Skies holding hands, and a chain of energy coming down from the Skies to Earth carrying the Grace of Allah.


It is a means to unite the Earth with the Skies. Water is a Positive Source of Power. It has the Power to collect within its Constitution all Energies. It washes the Negative Energies of the Human Being and of the World with its Positive Energy.


And with its Bodily Power it washes and cleans Nature and the Cities. Water is a double-edged sword. It both Brings into Existence and Destroys. It is a God in its Own Power. Thinking and defining Water in depth would maybe not fit into volumes of books.


However, if we can Succeed in drinking Water with our Thoughts instead of drinking it only when we are Thirsty, it can enable us to gain very different and Rich Views and Deep Thoughts.