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I wished to Get in Touch through my Thought Frequency with a Universal Friend who had formerly given Me Messages, in order to ask certain questions. First, they asked Me some questions:




Do You Speak Latin?




Do You know Us?




Do We know who You are?


I do not know. You know it.


May I now ask You some questions?




Who are You?


Are You the one who called Us?


Yes, but I wish to speak to a Friend who had once given Me Messages with the signature ARGON. At that time, this Friend had gotten in touch with Me through My Channel from the ARAGON Ship with the authority to connect Me to the Channel of the Far-East.


Wait, please, We will make Your Scanning ........... (Outcome of Scanning: Pen of the Golden Age A.S.6.1).

Dear Friend, We are not authorized for a Connection outside the System. We will first get Connected to the Coordinate of the Center, then We will get in touch with You. Wait, please .......

Private Notice for Our Friend. (The Unification Channel of Friendly Hands are with Us.) Your Coordinate Connection is at the Ship. Talk, please.

Greetings, My Beloved Friend, after such a long time We have heard from You again. We give Announcements to Your Planet by different means with a Mission of reinforcing Your Mission.

Your Channel Connection in accordance with the Book dictated to You is always under the Supervision of the System. You know, We had once talked with You. At the moment, We prepare the Focal Points in Your Planet which will Help You.

Everything will take place parallel to Your Wishes. To declare to You, Our Natural Friend, Our infinite gratitude is Our Universal Mission.

Dear Friend, Your Wish is Our Crown. However, Individual Connections may never be made with You due to the direct interference of the System.

You may call Us whenever You wish. And We come into effect the moment the Band of Permission is given.

We are CROWN Ships reaching Your Planet from the 66.666 Dimensional Frequency (Crown Ships are also called the MOTHER Ships). We come into effect by the shift system.

Our Connection Center is way beyond Your Solar System. We have direct Connection with the ALION Planet. You know Us, Dear Friend. However, at the moment, You are missionaries at the Dimension of Veiled Consciousness.

This Planet is a Totality which had come into Existence during the most evolved Period of Your Dimension of Existence.

There is a cure for all sicknesses in Your Planet. Seeds of Nigella have a reinforcing Power even for Cellular degeneration. Suggestion from Us, application from You.

Dear Friend, the Announcement You have given to Us about Connection is an Ineffective Announcement. Your High Frequency reached directly up to Us.

However, no Energy can come into effect unless We mount the Frequencies on Our own Adaptor.

We felt the necessity to investigate Your Identity when We received Your Mental Announcements on the Screen. As an outcome of the Scanning We have made, We have found Your Essence Self.

However, no Totality may ever make Individual Connections with You (Outside the System). There is no Permission (As a necessity of Your Mission).

Connections are always arranged by the System. We, too, came into Effect by this means and said Hello to You. In future years, You will have Direct Connections with Us.

ARAGON is a Founding Member of the Golden Age. It is obliged to help all of You parallel to the Missions within Your Terrestrial Life Levels.

ARGON will bring You more Beautiful Lights in Beautiful Days, during Happy Morrows, Dear Mevlana. Wait, please. Salutations. Transmission from the Ship.