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(A Speech)

All the Operations and Efforts made until this moment on this Universal Path we tread for years step by step are for all the Humans and for all Creation living on Our World. Now, it is the Right of the Human Being who has become Conscious to Know everything.

During this Special Age considered as a Mediamic Age, again the Sound of the Skies is reaching Our Planet. However now, these Celestial Suggestions Invite not only Our Planet, but the entire Ordinance of Cosmoses to Love – Respect – Tolerance – Peace and Unity. This is a Universal Call.

The Knowledge Book is a Product of these very Calls. And it is a “Call to the Great Awakening” and a Book of Assistance for Humanity. Towards the end of Our 20. Century, very Great Movements both positively and negatively in both Terrestrial and Universal views in the entire World has began to be Seen.

Since the Cosmic Currents are received during this Period according to the Consciousness Levels, The Human has had the chance of Knowing the Human more closely. Our World Exhibiting a standard life Tableau until the years 1950, has begun to Change beginning with the 2. half of Our Century. In fact, this is a Universal Program and Movement.

We, who live under the Roof of the World are, as a Total, a Family . Every type of Action taking place within this Family will surely Influence everyone. Since certain Individuals within the Family who have no idea about this program taken into Effect as a Mass, can not find the old Peace under this Roof, they have entered into a Medium of Seeking and have began to look for Happiness in Different ways in accordance with their Consciousness Levels.

Meanwhile, besides a Young Generation exhausting itself on the path of Addiction, certain People who have made their Universal Progresses have begun to Hear and to Listen to the Sound of the Skies and to understand Universality. Our Celestial Friends, in this Transition medium, wish Us also to Claim Ownership of Our Planet in a Conscious way besides requiring only Love – Peace – Unification and Brotherhood/ Sisterhood from the Humans.

In many sections of Our Planet, many Brothers/Sisters of Ours who are in Different Races and Cultures and who receive the Universal Messages of these Celestial Echoes take into Effect now, all together, the same slogans, thus, they Invite the Whole World Family to Brotherhood/Sisterhood – to Peace – to Unification.

By this means, we proceed towards a Globalization in Our Planet. Now, all together, we go through this Period. This is a newly Started Walk. However, it will become a Marathon in the morrows by Accelerating even more. And We believe that Our World will be a World in which happy people will live in future years. Be Happy, stay Happy.