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23 – 7 - 1999


The prevalent Vibrations the Power Dimensions produce are called Energy. However, this is not the Energy You know. These Natural Vibrations are a Power Potential of Dimensions beyond Universes and Systems. Even in Dimensions one presumes there is nothing, there are Unfelt Vibrational Energies.

The Initial Influence has taken into Effect Thought. Since the Potential of Thought Energy had come into Effect after this, Thought is considered to be the Root of the Energy Source. Thought is a Dynamo. It produces Energy. The entire Nourishment of the Ordinance of Cosmoses is this.

In fact, the Essence Seed of all the Ordinance of Cosmoses are Cosmic Energies. Cosmic Energy creates the Cosmic Spirit. This is an Energy which brings into Existence, which is Creative and which makes Conscious. During this Final Age, these Cosmic Energies have been opened to Your Planet for this reason.

In this Speedy Evolution Program taken into Effect due to the Scarcity of Time, the entire Humanity takes into Effect very Speedily their Evolutions by profiting from these Cosmic Energies in accordance with their own Consciousness potentials and with their Evolutions.

Humanity not being able to Grasp yet the cause of all this Effort made, can not still be aware of the fact that the things it lives and the negative things happening it does not desire as a result of the Positive and the Negative Awareness Progresses it has made are the Reflections from its own Subconscious to itself.

By this means, Humanity swimming in a Purification Pool as a result of the chaoses it experiences will one day get out of this Pool being Purified and will look at the morrows by a more serious View Point, being Aware of what is what more soundly.

For this reason, during this Time Lived in, no one may Accuse or Blame anyone by any means. All the events experienced are Investments made into the Morrows. And the Human Being of tomorrow will take into Effect everything in a much perfect way in accordance with its own Consciousness. The Evolution of the Human Being is in Its Own Hand.

Everything is within the Human Being and is from the Human Being to the Human Being. One day, Humanity as a Totalistic Seed will establish its own System as an Autonomous Totality above everything. And the entire Ordinance of Cosmoses will Witness this. It is presented for Your Information.