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18 – 3 – 1998


All the operational Ordinances taken into Effect in your planet until today, in fact, all have Different functions peculiar to themselves Beyond their functions Known and Observed in the World Dimension.

These are Programs which are Projecting – Causing Realization – Causing Thought – Making attain Experience – Causing to attain Consciousness and Reinforcing Humanity. However, all of these have been Considered until today in accordance with the Interpretations of the Terrestrial Thoughts of the Human Being of the World. For this reason, your planet has remained Behind and is Late in this Universal Race.

The Interpretations of the Divine Orders are Dependent on Divine Dimensions. Genuine and Sound Information and Interpretations can be received only from those who can reach the Consciousness of this Dimension.

But many of the Individuals living in the World Level have brought Interpretation to the Genuine Information according to their own Consciousness, thus, have taken into Service this Information in accordance with their own Comprehension.

By this means, a Degeneration has taken place in all the Information given to Your Planet. Humanity experiencing the Bewilderment of which path to choose from among this Informational chaos has Real difficulty in his/her affairs.

The Assaulting Consciousness of the Human Being is still in Effect since the time in which the Special Suggestions of the system have been presented to Your Planet. However, Humanity receiving Lessons from these Assaults will one day also Deserve to see the Sun of the Truth.

You know that the paths treaded are not Smooth. And to overcome the Barricades is not easy at all. Humanity at the moment runs a Marathon race unawaredly without Knowing its Goal.

All the Suggestions given to Your Planet until today are for Humanity. The System, being Responsible for the Divine Order, is the Single Authoritative Department which will shed Light on Humanity.

This Department is the System of ALLAH. All the Supreme Suggestions given from the Supreme Realm are the Projection of a Total from the Order of the System. And the Ordinance of the Cosmoses, too, perpetuates its life parallel to the functioning of this Mechanism.

At the moment, the Single Truth Known in the time Segment you live in is everyone’s own Truth. However, the Truth mentioned to you is not the Truth of the Dimension you are in.

Even many People who carry very High frequency, often can not Reach this Universal Dimension the System requires to be Reached. Frequency Highness and Attracting Energy does not make You attain anything and does not mean anything.

If frequency Originates from Thought, you can Rise as much as you wish. However, if Your Evolution is not enough, you can not remain in that Energy Field much longer. Otherwise, you will be Damaged. Matters about Jinn and Devil struck originate from this phenomenon.

That which will carry You to every Dimension Easily and Comfortably is Your Evolution. The Purpose of all the Sacred Books given to Your Planet until today is this. Evolution is the first Basic Principle to be taken into Effect for Humanity.

For a Person to become a Genuine Human Being, it is obligatory to offer all the Suggestions given to Humanity Together with Evolution Packages. Divine Justice Manifests only by this means. Otherwise, an Equitable Consciousness can not be reached.

During this final Age, the Scarcity of time has caused Humanity to step forward more Speedily. However, during this Cosmic Age, the Evolutionary Consciousness could not keep step much with this Speedy Tempo. This is the very reason why the Knowledge Book has been Bestowed on Your Planet.

In fact, the Knowledge Book is a Book of Truth. It is not a Book to be Worshipped. It is the Light of your Path. The Knowledge Book Explains everything only to those who Understand. And conveys to Seeking the ones who do not Understand. Because, you can never find the Truth without Seeking.