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The Age we live in at the moment is an Age having very Great Peculiarities compared to the past ages. And this Peculiarity has been unveiled to Our Planet in degrees beginning with the year 1900. Our Old World has entered during this Final Age into a Speedy Evolutionary Zone Together with all the Creation it lets live on itself.

While the Cosmic Energies showering Our World Develops the Conscious Human Being on the positive path, they, unfortunately, affect in the negative path certain Consciousnesses who could not yet exactly complete their Evolutions. For this very reason, while Our World exhibits a Tableau in which the Good and the Bad are experienced together, it also goes through its Last Judgment.

Our World which is on the Threshold of a Great Transformation is now changing its crust. However, together with this Changing time, the Humans, too, are Changing and as a result of these Changes Humanity Witnesses undesired events.

For this very reason, some of the Humans living on the World are going through an awareness chaos.

The days we will live in the future will be much different than the present days. The mass Pains Felt by these Speedy Changes are investments made in to the GOLDEN AGE of the morrows.

This is a Period of Transition. During this Period, Great Awarenesses are taking place in Human Totalities. It is now expected of the Human Being who becomes Aware, to Love, to Respect, to Embrace Humanity by Transcending its Individual Consciousness.

This is a Unification Awareness. Because, Supreme Consciousnesses who Transcend their Individual Consciousnesses, who Share out their Love, who are not in the Consciousness of Discrimination and who can even Embrace their Enemies with Love will establish the World of the morrows.

The Human Being is a Universal potential, a Battery and an Energy Store.

At the moment, all Humans living on Our World Influence each other from the close plane in the Positive or in the Negative direction by Horizontal and Vertical Energy reflections in accordance with their Evolution and Consciousness Levels.

Our Planet goes through Chaoses at the points where these Invisible Energy Networks intersect each other.

In case the Evolving Human Being Fortifies its positive reflections in proportion with its becoming Conscious, both Our World will go through less chaos, and Humanity will Deserve a happier life, since the intersections on these Energy Networks will be less, too.

At the moment, Our World is a Universal school. And in this school every one is responsible for his/her Consciousness as a Free Soul, a Free Awareness. In this school there is no place ever for Imposition. From now on, every one is obliged to be His/Her Own Master and Guru by choosing his/her path himself/herself. This is a program.

Our World in no Period has ever felt the need for Peace, Friendship and Love this much as it does during this final age. Now, the Human Being who becomes Conscious Calls the entire Humanity to Peace – Friendship and Unification by claiming ownership of His/her World.

At the moment, there are People and various Establishments in Our Planet having positive Thought who share the same View. Every Living Entity that has come to the World definitely has a Mission. And every Living Entity Matures and gains Experience by completing his/her Deficiencies by the Experiences he/she goes through during his/her life span. And the Human Being who Matures contributes to his/her World by the things he/she does as a Genuine Human Being and becomes an example for Humanity.

Our World is not only a production farm. When you look through the Window of this farm to the outside world, you observe certain Unknowns and Limitless Horizons. However, if you close the doors and the windows of the farm and deal only with the issues you Know and Do, Your World becomes only that place.

For a person who has never left his/her village, the World is only the place where he/she Is, Lives and Observes. And the World of a cat living at home is only its Owner and the House it lives in. A Traveler Tours the entire World. The Home where Every One of Us lives in is this very place.

In our Brotherly/Sisterly World the differences of Consciousness and View among brothers and sisters originate from the examples given above. Not Seeing a thing does not mean to consider it non-existent. And we are not obliged to Know an Unknown thing. However, we never have the Right, either, to deny a thing we do not Know, we do not See.

This Book you will read comprises the Total of the Messages, the Knowledge and the Lectures offered to the public and the Special writings the Celestial Authorities have given to Humanity in Various time periods. However, none of these messages are present in the Knowledge Book. I hope this Book of LIGHT may provide the Observance of the World and Humanity through a different Window.

Best Regards.