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1 – 11 – 2003


(An Explanation)

At the moment, Our World is an Appealing World Wonderful to live in, in spite of All the Difficulties gone through. However, the sleep of the World People is quite heavy; awakening from this sleep easily and to get rid of the Languishness they Indulge in is very difficult.

Human Consciousnesses are Subject to an Ordinance of Graduation. And for this reason, Suspicions within Thoughts, Fear and Negativities can by no means Speed up the Wheel of the Truth already Turning Slowly. However, when We Rasp Our Negative Thoughts by our Universal Consciousness, I believe that this Wheel of the Truth will be Turned more easily.

Our World is now opening its gates to new Horizons. We are, at the moment, a Brotherhood/Sisterhood Staff trying to Constitute and Introduce the Unification Awareness to Our World. Negativities Observed in the World presently are a Signal of a Transformation entering into Effect.

As I always say, Perfections always come out of the experienced Chaoses. Chaoses are the Sparks Kindling the Wick of the Candle. The Measure of Perfection is always Measured by Making the two one. One can not Swim with a Single Arm, One can not Walk with a Single Foot, one can not Fly with a Single Wing and by a Single Terrestrial Intellect one can not Arrive anywhere.

Catching Universality is for this reason obligatory for Perfection. Chaoses are experienced for this reason. We have to utilize both Our Arms not to be Drowned in the Sea in which We have fallen. And to run away from danger there is the need for Our Two Feet.

Events We go through in the World Rasp Our Terrestrial Views and help Us to Observe the experienced events from a different window. And by this means, by Unifying Our Intellect and Reason, we Develop and Attain the ability to be able to bring a Universal View to what we experience.

In fact, this program has been in Effect for Centuries. However, for the formation of the Humane Consciousness a Period has been Recognized. This Period comprises a time span up to the year 2000.

The Morrows will attain Value being taken into Effect according to the positive Views of Humanity. The Genuine Human Being is the one who could arrive at the Supremacy of being able to share a mutual Consciousness. And the treaded path is the Path of Humaneness.