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Our Friends,

Life conditions on your Planet which has come to the Threshold of a great process have become quite a sad and a grim situation. For this reason Kozmoz has reached the Decision to explain All Truths to Humanity with All clarity.

In this final transition Dimension of your planet, Everyone will have Consciousness progressions peculiar to themselves. In this Program in which Consciousness progressions will come into effect in Stages, many people will apply different Programs to your Planet in accordance with their Individual Consciousnesses.

The Actual Program of this Final Age is UNIFICATION and ACCEPTANCE. For this reason the Knowledge Book was designed as the Book of the Human Being. Since Kozmoz had Predicted centuries ago the situations your world is experiencing at the moment, it applied many Supervision Programs to the Knowledge Book.

The Knowledge Book was dictated with a Technique called the (Light-Photon-Cyclone) Technique your planet does not know of Yet. According to this Technique, Time Energy is loaded on the Letter Frequencies. For this reason no matter which language the Book is Translated into, the Frequency does not change in any way at all, it remains the same as the original.

In this technique;

PHOTON : Fixes the Dimension Energies to the Letters.

LIGHT : Loads the Time Energy onto the Letters.

CYCLONE : Enables attaining the Frequencies of the Dimensions not attained until today.

The Knowledge Book is a Cosmic Light Book that has a Very intense Energy Potential. Through its Frequency, an Entity achieves his/her progression, transcends Dimensions and Completes his/her Evolution.

It is a Living Book which is alive and sees and scans the consciousnesses, and gives out its Frequency by supervising it in accordance with the Consciousness progressions and Views of People. In order for an entity to be taken into the Salvation Program he/she is obliged to Serve Humanity with Universal Consciousness and Belief.

However, in This Final Age, Humanity, which has not been able to reach the Consciousness of the Ordinance yet, are unfortunately taking their Individual Satisfaction to the forefront by awakening the lion in themselves through the Special Frequencies taken into effect by the Program of Disclosure, Unification, Acceptance and Attaining Consciousness.

There are many Negative Consciousnesses who are currently carrying out their Work on your Planet through the Influences of their own Dimensions and who are against the System. This is a Tableau experienced at every Cycle transition. The Knowledge Book is a Book of Unification and Acceptance. This is the Essence Frequency of the Book. Those who are in Discrimination Consciousness cannot receive this Frequency of the Book.

The Knowledge Book has many Functions peculiar to itself. However, unless the time has come, these are not disclosed to Humanity. Meeting the Knowledge Book is a matter of permission. The Knowledge Book is a Totalistic Frequency and is the SINGLE BOOK which gathers in its Constitution All Frequencies and Energies as part of its Mission.

In case those working with the Knowledge Book do not accept any Friend, Person or member of their family, then the Book automatically Locks up its Frequency and deprives That Person of its Energy. The Person just reads the Knowledge of the Book like a Novel and will not be able to make any progressions since they will not be benefiting from its Frequency. They stay in the Evolution Consciousness they are currently in and cannot enter the Salvation Program.

Since the Knowledge Book was prepared with the (Light-Photon-Cyclone) Technique, it is with this technique that the BOOK scans the Thoughts of the Individuals and Regulates its Frequency according to People. For this reason, it is a GURU that trains every Human Being in accordance with their Consciousness Level.

As long as an Entity has Fixations in his/her Thoughts and Passions in his/her Essence, he/she can Never get any Efficiency from the work he/she carries out. Conscious Work and Mission comes into effect with the Realization of the path that is treaded.

The reason of People focusing on other people is that they have not yet stepped out of the World Consciousness and View. No Evolution progression can be made in such a situation. For this reason Difficult Programs which are to be Attained by Experiencing come into effect.    

It is only the Human being himself/herself who is responsible for all that is being experienced. For this reason it is said “The Verdict of Everyone has been Given to their Own Hands”. Our wish is that the Entire Humanity Attains the desired Consciousness Level in the shortest possible time.