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1 – 11 – 2001



Today, I would like to make You a special speech about Emotionality. In Universal and Evolutionary Dimensions Emotionality is Equivalent with the Evolvement Frequency. And Emotionality is accepted as a very constructive Positive Point in these Dimensions.

However, in the World Dimension Emotionality is a Negative point which should be Rasped. Emotionality in the World is Considered as an Incomplete personality and weakness. In the World life, Emotions are obliged to be Rasped for the safety of Our Physical Body.

In case an Entity Continuously thinks about an Entity who does not Foster good Feelings about himself/herself, since he/she will always be within that person’s Magnetic Field and Aura by his/her Thoughts, he/she will never experience his/her own self and will Always be unhappy.

This is a Program Experienced for everyone, in every matter. If an Immature fruit projects to You its Sour Taste and if You always Think about that Sour fruit, then there will always be an Astringency in your mouth.

The attraction Force of Thought, believe me, is a subject of Argument even in the Ordinance of Universes. In case You Think about a negative person, Your Positive Energy will always attract his/her Negative Energy and You will stop being Yourself and will Experience him/her in his/her aura.

All these are phenomena pertaining to Your Personality and Evolution Program. However, the Negative Energies attracted in the medium of Mission are Directly the program of the System. In this Evolutionary Program Your intellect and reason will show you the most correct path, because they are Your Genuine Friends.

In any negative situation you will encounter, if You send Love through Thought to the Entity across, without Turning Your back, without making a Barbed Allusion about, then Your Positive can never attract his/her Negatives.

Because, a Negative can never enter into two Positive fields. And by this means, Your aura becomes more Powerful. Your First Positive is (Your Essence); Your Second Positive is (Your Thought). In order for Two Positives to be together, it is obligatory for Thoughts to be Always under Control in the face of events.

Love is Positive, Perverse Thoughts are Negative. For this reason, we say, “Embrace Your Enemy with Love” so that Your Life potential will be more Powerful, Your World will be happier. However, it is known that this, too, is a matter of Evolution and Dimension.

In case All Truths are Known clearly, then the Human Being can take into Effect his/her Evolution in a more Speedy way through Intellect and Reason. A person who has become a Book himself/herself does not any more need a Book. His/her Book is His/ Her Conscience – His/Her Intellect – His/Her Reason (Of course in the positive way).

Books are given to Humanity for assistance through Knowledge, however, the Lives of those who do not Apply these Knowledge to their Lives will always be Disappointment. During this final Age, everyone carries in his/her Hand the Sword of his/her own Destiny. To be Conscious about all these will make You attain many things.