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In this speech of mine I would like to clarify the Integration of Consciousness which is one of the most asked questions:

Now, We know that the Entire Cosmos is administered by a Celestial Hierarchy. This Hierarchic Scale is a magnificent chain. And nobody may become a Ring of this chain unless the time for it comes. Only those whose “Time Consciousness and Evolutionary Consciousness” cross may be included in this Ring.

Everyone who has attained the Right to live in the World are Missionaries in every Field according to their Levels of Consciousness and Evolution. Every Person’s Evolution, Spiritual Culture and Development Field are different. A Person’s Evolutionary Level depends on his/her Emotional Intelligence and Intellectual Intelligence.

The development of the Emotional Intelligence depends on the auto control mechanism of a Person. And this Intelligence always takes and keeps under control the Emotional Data. The underdevelopment of the Emotional Intelligence originates from personal weakness. All negativities experienced presently in Societies are in Effect for this reason. Emotional Evolutions are obliged to be rendered for this reason.

Intellectual Intelligence is related to IQ. In those whose IQ are low, practical Intelligence can never enter into Effect. Practical Intelligence is the entrance Key of IQ. The Intellectual Intelligence either utilizes this Key for himself/herself, or for Society.

Emotional Intelligence is related to Spiritual Culture and Evolution. This Intelligence is attained by life programs through the Divine path. Both Intelligences are in Effect in Integrated Consciousnesses. However, if there is Coordinate disconnection between these two frequencies, the Entity can never take into Effect the Totalistic Consciousness as a Total.

For this reason, developing the Emotional Intelligence first is the most Secure and Proper way in the Integration of a Consciousness. Afterwards, the Intellectual Intelligence develops by itself through the Social Lives and Experiences. And by this means, when both the coordinates Unite, the Consciousnesses, too, are Integrated.

Integration in the Consciousnesses is a Symbol of maturity. People’s Evolution is Equivalent to their Lives and Actions.