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22 – 7 – 1999


Dear Friend,

As a Principle, I have never entered until today a Chat and a Correspondence pertaining to Myself. However, I felt as an obligation on behalf of Humanity to answer your sincere writing and your article by article questions.

The 20. century we live in is a very Special Age. And everyone who lives in the World at this moment has a Mission peculiar to himself/herself. As I understand from your letter, you, too, have made Special investigations and your Operations as a Missionary.

Each work is a Light to Humanity. And I Heartily believe that Humanity will benefit from Your work, too. Because, in Our Planet there are Consciousnesses who will benefit from each Information. We know that unless the Information stairs are ascended, one by one, the Consciousness of the Truth is not reached.

Now, I would like to answer the articles you asked:

Question 1

What is your Divine Title? (Prophet, Messenger etc., etc.)


I have no Divine Title. I am just a Genuine Human Being. Each of us is an Energy as a Human Being. In fact, the Energy has no Title. Titles are necessary for the definition of the Terrestrial Human Being.

Question 2

At the moment of the dictation of the Book have you gone Through very important Transformations? (Visual, Auditory or other).


I have experienced a very Happy childhood and a very Happy Family medium of 51 years. I am Not a medium. For this reason, I have not gone through much important Transformations. In fact, I am a Celestial Sister of yours in Your Planet. My Mission is to Bestow on Humanity the Knowledge Book. When the time came, I received My Program and My Mission in the World medium.

Question 3

Does the Knowledge Book have Sacredness and Protection?


Even though the Knowledge Book Talks about all the Sacred Books, it is not a Sacred Book nor a Book to be Worshipped. It Is only a Guide Book telling Humanity the entire Truth beginning with the moment it has come into existence.

 (The Knowledge Book’s frequency peculiar to itself protects Itself).

Question 4

What is your Point of View regarding the Koran? And do you know that the Koran is protected by (19) as the Mathematical code?


The Koran is a Total of all the Sacred Books Our Allah has Bestowed on Humanity until today. And it, too, is a Book of Information and Science. The Koran is the (Final Sacred Book) Bestowed on Humanity.

Koran (is the Alpha Exit Book) dictated from the 18. Dimension, carrying the Energy Power of 72. It is a Magnificent Sacred Book Training, Orienting, Educating Humanity by its frequency on the path of becoming a Genuine Human Being.

But the Knowledge Book (is the Entrance Book to Omega).

Omega is the 19. Dimension. The Human Being of Our Planet is first Prepared by All the Sacred Books; those who are Ready receive the Entrance Permission to the 19. Dimension, that is, to Omega.

The 19. Dimension (is a Dimension connected to the Unified Humanity Reality, Cosmos Federal Totality).

The Koran had been dictated and taken into Protection through the Alpha Channel by this Hierarchic Totality. However, the Knowledge Book is Directly the Book of the 19. Dimension. After this Dimension, the Secrecy and the Educative characteristic of the Sacred Books are abolished. This Dimension is the Dimension of Consciousness and of Realization.

For this reason, from then on, all the Truths with all clarity are Explained to the Human Being who has been Trained.

This is a Project of Transparency. Those who are not ready and Consciousnesses who are locked up by Taboos cannot easily understand and accept the Knowledge Book.

Question 5

If the Harmony of the Sacred Books with each other is relevant, is the Knowledge Book in harmony with the Others?


My Friend, since you asked Me this question it is clear that you have not exactly read and understood the Knowledge Book.

The Knowledge Book is the Single Book assembling in itself the frequency of all the Sacred Books which were the words of Our Allah and which have been bestowed on Our Planet until today.

Since all the Sacred Books have been revealed through the Alpha Channel until today, the Knowledge Book, too, has been dictated through the Alpha Channel. The Knowledge Book is a Unification Book. Because, now it is the Book of the entire Humanity.

For this reason, since it assembles in Itself all the frequency of the 6 Sacred frequencies (The Old Testament – The Psalms of David – The New Testament – The Koran – The Philosophy of the Far East and the Focal Point of the Almighty), in the Knowledge Book it is said, (We assembled 6 in One – We added One to the One).

That is, All the Celestial Books revealed, One by One, to Our Planet until today and which were the Words of Our Allah have been assembled as a frequency Totality in the Knowledge Book which is the Single Book. However, it is Not a Book to be Worshipped since it is a Book of Truth.

Question 6

Mohammad is the last Prophet. Do you think he is the last Messenger?


Yes, Mohammad is the last prophet and with Our Koran, the Periods of the Sacred Books and Prophet-hood have been terminated. For this reason, he is the last Prophet and the last Messenger. After the revelation of Koran, Humanity has been left together only with their own Sacred Books for 1500 years and the grasping of the Truth properly has been Awaited and no Prophet has ever come again.

Question 7

Will books other than the Knowledge Book be sent?


The Knowledge Book is the Last Celestial and Guide Book revealed through the Alpha Channel. And it carries the Frequency of all the Words of Allah. This Book has been Bestowed on Our Planet as a Book of 19 Centuries.

However, at the moment 600 more Books are being dictated to Our Planet from the Technological Dimension and through Different Channels. In many of these books the Knowledge Book, too, is mentioned either openly, or in ciphers. From now on, Scholarly and Scientific books will be dictated to Our Planet from the Technological Dimension in each century.

Question 8

Reincarnation is not possible according to Koran. Have you investigated the explanations pertaining to Death and Resurrection (coming back to life again) from the Koran?


Even though the matter of Reincarnation is openly present in the Koran, I did not investigate this matter from the Koran. Because, I know what Reincarnation is.

We, as the World Brotherhood Union, publish here a Journal called (the Golden Age). There, there are my writings about Reincarnation. I will send you the journals. I presume you will acquire some Information from them.

However, here I would like to explain to you Reincarnation Scientifically. The Dimension we call the Delta Dimension is a Dimension of Religious Teaching. And its Symbol is the Triangle. In this Dimension the triple projection System is valid.

Here, the Lordly – the Spiritual – the Technological Dimensions work mutually. The matter of Reincarnation is not unveiled to Consciousnesses who are not ready yet (its Frequency has been veiled) (up until the 18. Dimension which is the Alpha Exit Dimension).

Since the Delta Dimension is the Religious Satiety Dimension, in spite of Reincarnation being explained openly in the 28. Baccarat Sura and in different verses of the Koran, Reincarnation has been Considered in accordance with different interpretations due to the (program of Veiling).

triangle in the Religious Training Program Considered as the right side up triangle Allah’s Face of Mercy is in Effect. And in this program, Allah is Giving, Forgiving and Granting to all His/Her servants. Here, the servants of Allah want, Allah always gives. And by this means, Humanity is Sublimated by Integrating with the Love of Allah. This path (is the path of the Heart). This program is up to the 9. Dimension.

The peak of the right side up triangle is the Dimension of I Am God. To the Entity who reaches the I Am God Consciousness Allah from then on says, (Turn and Look at Me) and turns the triangle upside down upsidedowntriangle, that is, like this. And this program is after the 18. Dimension.

This program is the Dimension of Tests and this is the program of Allah’s Fury. One goes to Unity from this path. This path is the path of (the Intellect). Here, People are constrained, certain things go wrong, even your dreams are frightening, this is the reason why it is said, (there is Benefit in the frightening dream).

If we do not leave the path of Our Allah in spite of all Misfortunes and Wrongnesses, we make One (the Intellect and the Heart). This is the Unification of the two triangles. The unification of two triangles gives the following figure star.

This figure of the Six-Pointed Star is the Single symbol of the Unified Humanity Reality, that is, the Unity of Allah. In Our Planet, this figure is accepted as David’s Star and the Seal of Solomon. However, Prophet David and Prophet Solomon, too, were the direct staff members of the Reality. The Jews use this symbol for this reason. However, this Six-Pointed Star symbol has nothing to do with Judaism.

Question 9

As I understand, there are many explanations in the Knowledge Book contradicting each other. God does not hard press People this much. Am I wrong?


The Knowledge Book is Book of Unity. And only the Genuine Human Beings walk easily towards Allah. There are not Roses but Thorns on the paths of Consciousnesses who are not ready. These paths are not easy paths.

Allah loves all His/Her servants, however, He/She helps those who utilize their Intellect and is together with those who understand Him/Her. To understand Him/Her is a matter of Intellect, a matter of Time. And you attain this understanding by going through numerous Incarnations.

In fact, understanding and grasping Reincarnation is the Integration of the Human Being with his/her own Essence. The Consciousness who does not Integrate means that he/she still has path to tread.

If Humanity is not still Ready for This Book, the face of Fury of Allah is in Effect. This is why it is said, (Allah hits His/her servant He/She loves from pillar to post).

Those who reach Unity Deserve to swim in the Sea of Reproach. And in every stroke they make, the Lock of a Gate is unlocked. The opening of each gate is like a birth pain. The Truth cannot be reached without Suffering.

In fact, OUR ALLAH is a POWER beyond Powers, beyond Thoughts, Whose Grace is infinite, Whose Love is Infinite.

Each moment, each breath in which all of Us will attain through experience for being able to reach that Supreme Power is a test, a Grateful Praise.





In this Final Age All Celestial Dimensions have been unveiled to Our Planet. And each Consciousness is in the Influence field of the Dimension he/she is Connected to. For this reason, Our World is going through Resurrection within a Chaos due to Consciousness differences.

At the moment, we are in a medium of Selection and everyone is traversing the Sirat according to his/her Consciousness. Those who are chosen will be chosen and those who are Selected will be selected. However, the Morrows and the Future Days will bring unexpected Beauties.