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5 – 3 – 1990


It is answer to the writing, “The Sacred Book of the Aliens” you have published in your Newspaper on February 27, 1990:

During the recent days, God knows why, in this Period in which the Preparations of the Book to be Published by the name the Knowledge Book which is currently being presented in Fascicules since it has not been Finished yet, the false interpretations of the Terrestrial Consciousnesses have been conveyed to the Press as a sensational event.

We, too, have Heard and Learned thanks to Your serious Press, the Expressions such as, “The Ufo Religion – Those Who Worship Space – The Sacred Book of the Aliens” which we had not heard until today.

To project it to the Press without Consciously learning the Basis of a thing, by adding also the Imaginary fabrications to it is (according to Our understanding), we presume, against the Press Ethics.

Instead of Stirring up the Public by caching the Sensational Subjects according to the Public Consciousness by Choosing the in between Lines from within the Fascicules, we presume it would be a much more Respectful and Humane Behavior to take and Write the subjects from among the writings which would shed Light on Humanity

Instead of Seeking Our Rights through quite Different ways, we Preferred to Announce the Truth to the Public by this writing of ours, through your Newspaper. (Wishing that it will be Published).

We know that All the Sacred Books are Celestial Books. All Human Societies believing that the Celestial Books such as the Old Testament - The New Testament – The Koran had been Revealed from the Skies always raise their Heads to the Sky and Open their Hands up to the Sky in the Sacred Temples.

I wonder if you will be able to use the Expression THOSE WHO WORSHIP SPACE also for this Noble and Sacred Behavior and the Magnificent Faith of Humanity.

During this Final Age in which Everything has reached Universality, I wonder if you can Think why these Unbelievable Reformic Unifications Our World is going through at the moment did not occur until these days?

Since the KNOWLEDGE BOOK you have deemed Suitable for the name, “The Sacred Book of Aliens” has been dictated from the ALPHA CHANNEL through which all the Sacred Books Bestowed on Our Planet had been dictated, it is Logically Presumed as a Sacred Book.

However, this Book has been given to Us on the Grounds that it was not a Book to be Worshipped and since now the time has come for Our Planet to Know certain Truths Humanity has not Known until today, it has been presented to Humanity as a Guide and a Book of Truth.

We know that the Period of Sacred Books and Prophet-hood has been terminated by Our Koran. We, who have reached this Consciousness never consider anyone by any means as a Prophet. And We do not Consider this Wonderful Love Totality of Ours as a Spiritual Teacher – Disciple Relation by Your Expression.

After a time of Fifteen Centuries which has passed since the revelation of the Koran which is the Final Sacred Book, Our Planet, at the moment, is going through a Mediamic Age as a proof that all Information and the Truths have been given by the same Source.

During this Final Age, now, All Humanity from 7 to 70 is receiving Celestial Messages in accordance with their Consciousness Levels. Even this is a Proof that the Period of Prophet-hood is over.

In the Age We live in maybe these Messages will guide Humanity which has lost many of its Human Virtues. This Situation being gone through is a Necessity of the Mediamic Age.

During this Period, Celestial Information close to Each Other is given by the Celestial Hierarchy to numerous Information Channels and that all of them are received from the same Source is proven to Our Planet by this means.

It is Sad and Thought–Provoking on behalf of Humanity that Humanity which does not Know the Truth Considers these Universal Operations in accordance with their Individual Interpretations, and the “Press and the Media, too” which we consider as an assistant in the Rising of the Human Consciousnesses being instrumental in these degenerated Thoughts.

The Knowledge Book is open to all kinds of criticism. While many years ago even (Electricity – Telephone – Wireless – Radio – television – Computer) as Imagination Products, could not even been Thought of, the Knowledge Book may be considered as an Imagination Product at the moment.

The proof of everything is in the morrows. It is announced to the Public.


Civilized Ethics is Peculiar to Civilized People.