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Today Your entire Body and Cells will speak with you.

The One Who Speaks: (Is everybody’s Own Physical Body and Cells who reads this message).

My Soul Friend,

Would you believe me if I tell you that I am Your closest and Only Friend since the day You were Sown to the Terrestrial Field of Your Mother? You know that we breathed the first Breath in the World Together. And we got to know the World together.

Until today, YOU and I Shared everything Together as the closest two Friends and as a Total and lived Our Childhood Together.

When I Fell down while playing, You, too, have Felt the pain I had Together with Me, You Cried and Shared with Me. Because, then We were a Total and, then You had not yet Abandoned Me.

When You became Adolescent, Your Heart shifted to Love and to the World. It was as if You were Observing the World for the first time Outside Your childish Eyes. Everything seemed Attractive to You and You began to develop an Interest in everything.

The first cigarette you smoked, killed three of My Lung Cells at that moment, I wonder if You Know this? The first drink you drank first paralyzed My Thought Cells before My Brain Cells and in time decreased their Ability and Power.

While most of the food you ate with great appetite and pleasure Nourished My Cells and made them oily, you never heard the help cries of the Blood flowing in Our Veins.

Because, then You had become a World intoxicated. And You had then forgotten ME who carry YOU, that is, Your Body and all Your Organs. You have not Come to this World for pleasure, You came for a Mission. Your first Mission is to Exalt Your Soul by the Experiences You attain.

Do not forget that if I am annihilated, then You return to the place from which You had Come without performing Your Mission. My Mission is to carry YOU on my back until You complete Your Mission.

From time to time, to prevent Your Mad Way of Carrying on and for making You Remember Me, I made You Hear, even if not wishing, the cries of my organs the pain of which I was feeling.

Your World had become such an unrenounceable Passion for You that You were seized by the fear of Death, You did not want to leave Your world, You went to the Doctor, you took medicine, You Tried numerous Different remedies and at the end You got well.

Very naturally you will go to the doctor, you will take your medicine, they are Your life reinforcements. However, you will never be able to understand that which made you well were My Morale Tablets.

After you got well, Again you submerged in your old Interests. I am not angry with You for Exhausting me by Your Pleasures, Ambitions and Unconscious Distresses, I forgive You.

However, I have Carried YOU within Me with Love until today without complaining. But I am very tired now. And, from now on, YOU within me are obliged to Carry ME. Forgive Me for being a burden for You, I would not wish it to be so.

Now, I leave You together with the Smokes of Your Cigarette, with Your Drinks in the Goblet and Your Passions of the World. Until Someone in the Morrows Considers You Worthy of Carrying again.