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In this writing of mine I would like to unfold a little more and share with You the Concepts of Love, Conscience and Mercy You All Know.

We know that the Human being completes his/her Evolution by the Deterrent Lessons he/she has attained through experience. Evolution is the Single Key opening the Gate of Conscience.

As a Person Evolves, his/her Conscience, too, becomes Subtle. Then, trampling down a grass while walking and even Picking up a Flower hurts His/her Conscience.

The concept of Mercy is present only in Subtle Consciences. Do not ever Confuse Loving with Mercy. It does not mean that each Loving Person also has the Feeling of mercy.

In Consciences not having reached yet Subtlety by Evolving, there is no Feeling of mercy, but there is the Feeling of Love.

In All the Loves excluding the Love of a Mother, Animal and Nature there is Selfishness and Interest in accordance with Evolutions. The most Subtle Step of Love is to extend a helping Hand to a Person.

However, even in this assistance rendered the Subconscious is always in Effect. In here, even if You are not aware of it, the Satisfaction of Your Essence and as a result, the Feeling of receiving bonus from ALLAH is of primary importance. That is, again there Is Interest.

In fact, even Giving a Present to a Person is for Satisfying Yourselves. This is nothing but exploiting the Love of the other person. Genuine Love comes succeeding the Subtle Conscience. The Love former to it is the Love of Selfishness and Interest.

What is Subtle Conscience? Let us first explain This; Here, there is no Expectation or Ego by any means. These Consciences are Aching Consciences. From there, only Cries of mercy are heard. Here, Genuine Love is of secondary importance. Because, in each Love there is a feeling of satisfaction.

The Only factor discriminating People from each other are these subtle Feelings. In those who have no Mercy, that is, in those whose Conscience has not become Subtle, the Feeling of Selfishness is Dominant.

This Feeling is always Connected to the Frequency of Mercilessness and as

Consciences Harden, these Feelings Increase Exponentially. Negativities observed in all Societies originate from this.

Evolutionary Laws and Sacred Books have been taken into Effect for this reason. The first Law of Evolution is to Love the Human Being. And this depends on Loving the Animal.

The one who does not Love an Animal from the Essence, is not considered a

Genuine Person by any means and, in fact, that Entity can not love through his/her Essence the Human Being, either. For this reason, it has been said, “The Genuine Human is the one who Loves the Animal”.

This is the very reason why We are Here and to Humanity which does not Love Animals, we first teach how to Love Animals and then how to claim Ownership of them. Only after this Boundary the Human Being proceeds on the path by Completing his/her Evolution with the Human Being.

In this Final Age, the Fate of everyone has been given to his/her Own hand. The entire Humanity’s reaching a Subtle Conscience is my greatest Wish.


Anxiety is a Protective Aura born through the Power of Love.