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(A Speech)

I made many speeches on Love until today on general request. However, Love is such a profound subject that it is a Gate opened as it is Talked about and as it is Unfolded.

The definition of the Classical Love we know is, “it is a very Powerful passion felt for anything”. Today, I would like to Unfold the word LOVE constituted by three letters (AŞK in Turkish - Translator) in quite a Different way.

In accordance with Our Teachings each Letter of the Celestial messages given from the Universal Dimensions has, one by one, 3 different frequencies according to the Powerful Energy Fields it is given from. One of them is Scientific – one is Philosophical and the other is Religious Frequencies.

The frequencies of these Letters express a meaning by attaining Value according to the Receiving, Grasping, Consciousness and Understanding Levels of the one who reads them and according to their meaning frequencies. The word LOVE has attained value in accordance with everyone’s Understanding beginning with the First Existence until today. For this reason, Interpretations are quite Different.

Weather this word Love is written in Arabic Letters, or in Different languages, when the Letter Frequencies of all the words expressing Love are Transformed into the Meaning Frequency, it carries the same vibration as a Total. That is, the meaning and the frequency of Love is the same in every language.

When this vibration Unifies with Your Thought frequency, it attains Value according to Your Consciousness Level. That is, LOVE is a vibration presenting Variability according to the Understanding of everyone.

In fact, Love is a Universal Totality. The Peak point of it is the Love of ALLAH. And in order for all People to be able to Reach this Love, they have to Proceed through quite different paths.

And now, if We take only the word “AŞ” from within the word Love (Aşk in Turkish – Translator), its equivalent in the dictionary is “Yemek” (Food in English – Translator). Its other meaning carries the meanings of to jump to a place, to Traverse and to Transcend a Wall.

In this word, the First “AŞ” is Satiety and Satisfaction. The second “AŞ” is Jumping and Universal Leaping. And if the word “K” is used for the Entity’s self (kendisi in Turkish - Translator) and for his/her Fate (Kader in Turkish – Translator), Love then is used as a step in the transcending of his/her self and his/her Fate of an Entity. The word Love may be interpreted by this means, too.

Affection tried to be formed through Thought is a means of meditation. You may receive a response by this means only through a conditioned Reflex. The conditioned Reflex is doomed to Dissolve after it reaches a certain Satiety. This is the reason why numerous Loves and Homes are wrecked.

Affection is the first key of Unity and Totality Consciousness. In fact, Affection is not a phenomenon to be constituted through Thought. The Real Affection is in the Essence. And this Affection is a Divine Ecstasy. However, numerous People do not Know this.

In fact, Genuine Love makes you Transcend this Threshold and connects you to the Frequency of Affection and helps you to emerge Your Creative Power Present within you. Because, it is an Evolutionary potential.

This Affection partly opens the Gate between you and the Universal Dimensions. This partly opened Gate is opened to the Dimension of Art. And in all the branches of Art there are layers according to the Levels of Consciousness.

If you perpetuate your work Profoundly in any subject you are Interested in, these works of yours one day will make you attain you and will help you to Transcend yourself.

And a Person’s being able to Transcend himself/herself is Equivalent to his/her Level of Consciousness. It is said, “Operating Iron Shines”. This is a nice example for our subject matter.

Love assists You on this path. And the Only Thing it requires of You is only and only to Discover Yourselves by Transcending Yourselves.

Love attains Value according to the Consciousness Level being Equivalent to your Evolution. Some seek Love in Drink, some in Music, some in Art, some in Nature and some in Sex.

All these seeking Integrate you with the Cosmos, that is, with Yourself by Unifying you in the Love of ALLAH. Because, You are a Cosmos. Through these paths You will discover You. In short, the role of Love for You is only this.

Now, let us consider the varieties of Love. In fact, Love is a Three Dimensional Program of Progress. The First Progress is the Terrestrial Love – The Second Progress is Divine Love – The Third Progress is Universal Love.

Terrestrial Love is a Love which is Equivalent to the World Frequency and which does not Transcend Thought. This is a Love Preparing the perpetuation of the Race.

Terrestrial Love is also called Sexual Love. This Love is a Love orienting the person to Seeking and it makes him/her tread this path and renders him/her purified.

Love is a Stair of Progress. Its first step is Sexual Love. Since its way is Satiety, then its Satisfaction is the Flesh. Here Eyes, Goblets and Hands Unite and if both parties Unite in the Minimum common, this path leads them to Marriage.

Marriage is a Divine Dispensation. And it is a Destiny from God. In Love there is a Universal Attraction Power. The World which is far away from the realization of what is what calls it Sex Appeal. Its dictionary equivalent is, “invitation to Love, call to Sex”.

Universal Attraction Power is Equivalent with the Spiritual Totality. And it carries its frequency. In fact, those who reach this Frequency Power are each an instinctive Missionary.

Their Mission is to Calm and to Purify People by Engrafting Affection to those who are without Affection, and by Comparisons to offer Deterrent Lessons to People.

The Hippies and certain People whom society considers profane as Prostitutes perform these Missions many of us would not do, by trampling themselves. This is their Program of Progress.

In the Universal Totality, in order for a Person to reach Perfection he/she should tread numerous paths, good or evil, during each Period he/she lives. Terrestrial Evolution is attained by achieving Satiety for everything in each Period lived in the World Dimension.

All Events experienced are a Chain of Cause and Effect. At the end of certain things Seeming evil there are Beneficial paths. It suffices that this Tableau of Deterrent Lessons may be grasped.

In Terrestrial Love a Person perpetuates his/her Seeking until he/she is Satisfied. He/she goes from one person to the other. If this Person is a Man, he will be called a Philanderer, if it is a Woman, an Immoral. Those who are called by these names either could not Transcend the Love of Flesh, or could not Find their Spiritual Love.

In both groups Marriages take place usually very Late. However, Marriages taking place in here constitute the most perfect Marriages when set to Rights. Homes ALLAH requires are homes like that. Because, HE/SHE Blesses All Homes.

A Person Trains himself/herself until he/she Transcends the Love of Flesh; the Life experiences he/she has gone through matures him/her. And when he/she reaches a certain level of Consciousness, he/she seeks his/her Spiritual Love.

In this Medium of Seeking, a Person either Submerges into Religious Dimensions and Dedicates himself/herself to Service on the Path of God, or finds other occupations, thus he/she is Sublimated in Art and Philosophy or perpetuates his/her life Unmarried.

Some of these Unmarried People are called Casanovas. The Mission of Casanovas is to kindle the fire of the opposite Sex’ Spirit and then leave her. The Spirit kindled by this spark will, from then on, make her Progress by various means.

However, in this Final Program of Progress, on the Grounds that the Evolutions are entering into Effect more speedily, One Path became a Thousand Paths. Do not let us be oblivious of this Situation in our lives.

And now, let us consider the Divine Love. This Love is the Platonic, that is, the Spiritual Love. This Love is the Love which makes you Find, not Seek. There is more Suffering on the path of this Love.

As a result of the suffering gone through in this Love, we Find ourselves, our Personalities. This Divine Love is a burning spark leaping from Spirit to Spirit. Only on this path can we Integrate with ourselves.

If both People are Married in this medium of Seeking, in case they remain Loyal and do not wreck their homes, they render extremely Great Progresses. Because, this Situation is their Test of Will and Responsibility.

In case these Lovers can not Come Together, their Affection Dissolves the Crusts of their Hearts in a Platonic way by the Yearning experienced. And this situation helps them to Find their Essence Lights.

When they Find their Essence Lights, they attain the realization of what is what and, from then on, they consider the other person not as a Lover, but as a Friend, a Sister or a Brother. This is their Evolvement Test.

In the Spiritual Love, in case both parties Ejaculate this Spiritual Spark through sex they are Calmed down and they can not render mental Progress. Otherwise, if Togetherness does not take place, the spark leaping from Spirit to Spirit Obsesses both the Spirits through Thought. This is called the Locking Up of Thought.

This place is the Boundary and the Test of Madness and Sage-hood. This is a Dream Realm. If You are awakened from this sleep, You become a Sage. If You can not Awaken, You remain in the Dimension of Madness. Leyla and Mecnuns – Ferhat and Şirins may be given as examples for this (Abroad, we may give the example of Romeo and Juliet – Translator).

While treading the Path of the Spiritual Love, this path either makes You complete Your Evolution by making You Meet Your God, or it renders You a Perfect Person by causing you make your Essence Evolution.

While rendering the Essence Evolution it is first obligatory for you to Attain for Your Satisfaction whatever you Feel the Need of, whatever you Yearn for.

Otherwise, Terrestrial Passions hung on to Your Thoughts will be a Hindrance for your Progress. Because, Passions are your obstacles. For example: If You have a Passion for Money, assistance will be given to You on that path. If You have a Passion for Getting Dressed and for Jewelry, then You will be guided in that path. If you wish to be a Celebrity, possibilities for becoming a Celebrity are prepared for You.

If you are Yeaning for Sexual Love, those possibilities are placed on your path; if you Yearn for Spiritual Love, you find yourself in such a medium. You experience those mediums until you realize that All of them are a theatrical set.

Those who reach Realization by this means are Philosophers, Men of Letters, Poets, Painters, Musicians and those who have received their lot from the Mediamic Medium. From then on, Sexual Love is of secondary importance in their World. Because, they have reached Union with their own Essences.

As we have said before, Divine Love is a Medium of Dream. One awakens from this path by two ways. Here, you reach Your God through Worship, you burn with His/Her Love and you complete your Evolution like Nuns, Monks and like those who have dedicated themselves to Worship.

And some dissolve, one by one, their Essence Crusts by meeting their Inner Worlds and render their Essence Evolutions. However, certain People lock up their Inner Worlds in mediums like Monasteries as a result of the Shocks they have gone through.

Then, in such a medium an Education Program enters into Effect. If you can not reach Genuine Consciousness during this Education, you will have Fears and Bewilderments during this Stage.

All these are Educations, Efforts and Endeavors which are for your Benefit. You understand the Truth only when you reach Genuine Consciousness. Then, it means that the Time for Praising and Thanking Your Lord has come.

And now, let us talk about Universal Love. In order to experience this Love it is obligatory first to Love Yourself, and later, by Integrating with Yourself to reach Your Lord.

A person who is in Peace with himself/herself means that he/she has been in Peace with everybody and with the Total, too. Here, Religions and Books lose their Sovereignty. The Supremacy of the Human Being enters into Effect at this point. The Love in here is a Love felt for the Total.

In here, Nature – Animal – Flower and the Human Being are Loved by the same Frequency of Affection. There is no discrimination in this Affection. Only if you reach this Consciousness you claim Ownership of your Spiritual Energy, too. And you emanate Your Essence Affection to your surroundings through all Your Cells.

In this Case now You are a Light. By showering everybody with Your Energy You help them climb the Evolutionary Stairs. This is not a Love to be attained easily. Only the Deterrent Lessons we have received in each Period we have lived Prepare this for Us.

Now, let us talk about Marriage a little. I would like to begin this subject with a Hindu word, “Marriage is a Sacred Pledge prepared in the Skies”. Marriage is an Evolutionary Institution.There, there is the Supremacy of Affection, Self-Sacrifice, Tolerance and Forgiveness.

A Person who can endure on this path attains the Evolution Allah requires of the Human Being and at last, sooner or later he/she is rewarded. It is not the lot of every servant of God to be able to carry on Marriages with their Painful and Sweet aspects.

Marriage is a Sacred Institution in Godly Dimensions. And all Marriages are Blessed. Happy Lives in Marriages are Equivalent with the Evolutions of people. In Marriages with Ups and Downs, it means that both parties still need Evolvement. Here, one goes through the Patience Test.

Marriages in Veiled Consciousnesses are more Crushing. In such Marriages Fear is considered as a Personality weakness. However, that Entity is Crushed until he/she discovers his/her Personality. This is his/her Personality Test.

God does not Love His/Her indolent servants of God. However, if everyone who discovers his/her Personality does not behave improperly in his/her Respect and Love, then he/she completes his/her Evolution. Otherwise, benefit can never be expected from a Marriage which has become an Institution of Lie by Fear and by Hiding Secrets.

Then, people who have established this Institution complete their Evolutions by quite different means. The Human Being can never escape from his/her Destiny and Evolution.

In case you reach Genuine Consciousness, You will Love without being Loved, You will Give without Receiving and You will Expect nothing in return for Anything. All Clashes observed in Family Mediums and in different sections of Society are due to everybody’ Expecting something from everybody else.

The moment a Person renders Ineffective the method of an eye for an eye, it means that he/she has cached Happiness. To consider those which are experienced not as a crime, but as a Test makes People attain much. All Sorrows originate from immature Souls.

In the Family Medium, the Consciousness of Forgiveness conveys you to Universal Love. All of us are a toy and a marionette in the hands of Destiny.

In this Path of Life treaded, if we can know how to observe all the Events we encounter not through Thought, but by the Eye of the Heart, then We live in Our Paradise.

Each Living Entity coming to the World has a Mission. Each Entity, by coming to mediums he/she has deserved in accordance with his/her Level of Consciousness, receives the things he/she has Deserved according to his/her need, and by this means completes his/her Evolution.

Everyone who Breathes in this World, both Educates and is Educated. The Human Being is the Teacher of the Human Being. Terrestrial Tests are made by this means. Knowing all these things will help your Success in the World School.