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23 – 3 – 1993


Love is a Foundation of the entire Ordinance of Cosmoses. Nature and the Human Being, too, is a product of this Love. The Vibration of Love is the Essence source of the Atomic structure.

In fact, in every Existing thing there are Vibrations of Love in accordance with their attraction Powers. And this is a Natural Vibration. In the World, Love flowing through the Essence is a Pure, Natural Love. But Love put into action is an Evolutionary and a Universal Love.

And the factor taking into Effect and Supervising this Love attains Value parallel to the Evolutions and Consciousnesses of people. The word Love expressed through Speech is a frequency Total in “All Languages”.

If the Frequency of Love gets out of thought and is submerged in to the Essence, that person never again utters the word Love. That person shows and exhibits his/her Love through his/her performance. This Situation is the “Satiety State of Love”.

If Love has not yet reached Satiety, the word Love is always and in each moment used as a Recitation in the Tongue. However, even everyone’s saying, “I Love You” to each other reflects in the Void by the frequency of Speech.

If even those who do not know what Love is in the World life can Enter that coordinate, by receiving Engraftment from the frequency of Love they begin to develop in time this wonderful Seed in their Hearts.

The entire Humanity’s embracing each other with Love is a Past and Future Eternal Dream of the Divine Order. It is presented for Your Information.