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Dear Friend,

We have a Message prepared to be given to You. Please, write:

All Unifications beyond Karena are dependent on the Single pole of the Divine Order. A Medium equivalent to the flow of the Heavens has been created.

The given Messages are, as always, the truest Indexes and are given from the truest sources.

We have not yet been able to provide Your connection with the Channels of the Far-East. We presume that We will establish this Channel connection in two months.

(You know that the expression Channel in here means direct Energy Focal Point).

Actually, You have not been able to reach the Far-East yet. Your first connections will be with Japan.

This place is the ARAGON Ship. We have come to Your Planet by a Celestial Command. We can always get in touch with You besides the Private connections.

We have informed You about Our Code Cipher. We have received Your chains of Thought through the Screen, We have been connected to Your Frequency. We are the ones who will connect You to the Special Channels of the Far-East.

 We act in accordance with the Command given from ALTONA. You have a Mutual Focal Point with MAHARISHI, the Sun of the Suns. We inform You about this, so that all Consciousnesses will be enlightened.

You are again very tired my Friend. When will You come to Us in a rested state?

We are waiting for Your questions. Questions may always be answered, my Friend.

But now, rest, please. Good-bye again for now. We send You the greetings of the entire staff of ARAGON.

We will give You the offerings later. You will be made to communicate with the Sun of the Suns.

We kindly request you to accept our love, Beloved Friend.