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This is AS.6.1 ............ speaking. My code Cipher is (.....), I would like to communicate with the ARAGON ship, please. I am waiting.

The Channel of ALTONA is connected to ARAGON. Talk, please.

This is ARGON speaking on behalf of the ship’s staff. I will be honored to talk to You, my Friend.

The other day I was tired. If You have anything to tell me, will You please do so?

As the Channel of MUSTAFA MOLLA, You are in touch with all the Universal Dimensions. As the Pen of the GOLDEN AGE, the Book dictated to You is the Common Book of the entire Universe.

For this reason, We dictate to You Messages in accordance with the Command given to Us. These are Private Messages belonging to You.

ALTON is a Supreme Light who converges the Sun Lights on himself. We have gotten in touch with You as a result of the Command We received from the Center. At present, the Messages are given to provide Unification Mediums. We are waiting for Your questions, ask, please.

You have told me that You would connect me to the Channels of the Far-East. How? To whom?

Dimensions beyond distances are an Order even beyond the Divine Order, My Friend. In fact, each Channel is connected to the Divine Mechanism. However, this Mechanism is the Single Focal Point of the Universal Unification. The connection is the direct Channel of the LORD.

Beyond this, there are such Divine Lights, such Divine Suns and such Divine Authorities that these are still unknown to You. All Unifications assemble in the same Focal Energy.

AMON, the Golden Light dictates the Messages to You. The Channel of MUSTAFA MOLLA is in direct connection. Now, We will have You communicate with SAMURAY, the Sun of the FAR-EAST. We are told that You have received a Message from him before.

BUDDHA and SAMURAY are direct Focal Points connected to the Divine Sun, at the Dimension way beyond the Divine Order. I am told that they had given You each a Message to convey their greetings.

However, there will be Special Messages when the time comes, which will be given through the Center for the Book which is dictated. Now, We will provide only the Private connections with You. You can always get in touch with Us, my Friend.

Thank You very much.