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1 – 8 – 2002



In this writing of mine, I would like to Chat with You and to share My Natural Feelings a little on a matter You, too, require a lot.

In this Period in which We live, the World’s attitude and the View of Humanity is in Inverse proportion with the advancement of Civilization and Technology. Because, Humanity now Looses much from Its Naturalness and Human Virtues, thus, becomes like Robots.

During this Final Age, to Humanity which has forgotten Loving and Forgiving, the Human Virtues hiding in the Subconscious are tried to be brought to the Awareness by Talking about Peace – Brotherhood/Sisterhood – Love and Humanitarianism in every opportunity.

The Essence Characteristic of the Genuine Human Being is his/her Loving the Animals and the Nature. This is an Evolutionary line separating the Human from the Human. The World is not a Place Peculiar only to the Human Beings.

The Genuine Owners of Nature are Vegetations, Forests, Animals, Birds, Fish, in short, all Living Beings. They are the real Inheritors of the World.

The Human Being by Violating their Rights, afterwards had restricted Their living areas and had caused and still causing the annihilation of numerous Species.

The Evolution of the Human Being first begins in the Family. The Child is a pure Fountain. In order for an Entity to become adapted to the World and to Integrate with Nature, he/she has been left outside the Influences until three years of age.

The Child receives his/her first Education Visually. Behavior within the Family, the Family’s View point about Human Beings, Nature and Animals forms the Basic Personality of the Child.

At the moment, there are numerous ownerless Animals in the streets which would Form Examples by their Behavior to many People. They can not complain like Human Beings and can not explain their Situation to Us.

They are Genuine Friends and magnificent Entities giving nothing but Love and Happiness to Human beings, not Begrudging their gratitude for a piece of food, being closer to Humans than Humans.

I wonder how many people could See that innocent – Tired – Weary Spiritual Glitter in the Eyes of the street Dogs? I wonder how many people could Integrate with a Flower by Talking with it. If You own these Virtues, You are a Superhuman entity.

There are many People who complain that the window sills are getting dirty for giving grain to the Birds, who poison Pigeons for dirtying Public Squares and who do not take even an Animal to their Homes from the Street so that their Comforts will not be impaired.

Meanwhile, all those who throw Stones to Dogs, who Kick the Cats, who Shoot the Birds and who Collect and kill the street Animals, are in My Opinion nothing but Maquettes appearing in Human form.

In fact, we should not be angry with them. Because, the Problem is in their Genes and in their Family Cultures. No one can reach these veiled Essences. In time periods, in the Morrows in which Degenerated Genes will be Transformed into Noble Genes, these Pains will no more be Experienced.

To Claim Ownership of a Living Being is the Essence Virtue of that Person. In this Period of Settling Old Scores, now, the time has come for the Humans to Ask Forgiveness for the Injustice done to Them until today by claiming Ownership of the Forlorn street Animals.

Everything ALLAH has brought into existence is Sacred. However, the Sacredness of the Human Being is not in his/her Religious Education, but is in his/her Essence Morality,