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We are Special Surveillance Ships brought together by various Missions. We perform Our Duty always with a crew of two women and four men. We act under the Command of the Special Council.

In addition to the Rescue Ships on every continent, We also have Alarm Ships with an enormous Equipment System. No Radar can detect these Ships on their Screens. Because, We are outside the angle of vision of the Radars and, furthermore, We have a special apparatus.

We have thousands of Ships going to and fro on Your horizons. However, they can never be seen, since they have Transparent equipment. We land on Earth with metal discs for two. Generally We have private conversations with those who understand Us.

We have direct contacts with Our Friends who are connected to Us by Missions. We immediately remove the Negative Signals reflecting from their Medium. By this procedure, the System Protects the Missionaries.

We are a Research Ship. We move with a speed equivalent to one tenth of a   second. You may also accept it as a Patrol Ship. We continuously take rounds around Your World and inform everything to the Center of Surveillance.

Thus, We are aware of everything without exception. Our Duty is outside the personal matters. We control the Terrestrial Mechanism by the Universal Mechanism.

We are Solar Friends who come from far beyond Your Planet. Your World does not know yet how Our communication system operates. In fact, We have always kept this System outside the World Consciousness.

Only after the Evolvement Medium Our connections with You are provided. You know Us. At the moment, Universal Announcements are given to Your World by  various channels.

We are very Happy to be with Our Terrestrial brothers/sisters who will be prepared for Sunny Days. Our ship is called ARGO. We have to keep Our Identities secret from everyone except from the entire Staff of Mission. Our place can never be detected. Because, as We have said before, We are transparent and are out of the Radars’ vision.

We get connected to the Automatic System controlling Your Brain Thoughts by making a leap in the Universe in every ten to sixteen seconds. In this manner, We have entered Your Coordinates.

 At the moment, Our Frequency connection is with You, Dear Mevlana who have received the Command of Universal Unification. This is Our personal connection only with You. At the moment Our Base is on Mercury. For the moment We act in accordance with the three-shift System.

Your Planet is under constant control of the Center. As a necessity of Our Mission, We have been connected to UFO Systems coming from various Galaxies under the unification of a Council in the entire Universe established under the surveillance of the Sirius Mission. Thus, Your channel can easily have connections with spaceships coming from every Galactic medium.

The Sirius Mission is Responsible for only the Milky Way Galaxy. This Movement is a Unification under the surveillance of the Universal System. Meanwhile, We have Personal connections with many Terrestrial Friends.

However, they mixed-up this Divine Order with other situations. Since they can not overcome the Fear which is the result of their habits, they are deprived of this Universal Consciousness.

You know that the selection is made by the Center, not by Us. All Your Thoughts and Wishes, all Your actions are Automatically Supervised by the System of Surveillance at the Central System. The Central System does not know You personally.

You are assessed there by the Data taken from You.

In accordance with a Law Laid down by the Universal Laws, direct connections are made with those who attain an Evolvement equivalent to the one shown on the Evolvement chart here. Then, they are presented to Us and thus, We get to know You personally.

There is no partiality in anything. Mission allotment is made in accordance with merit. The Essences of the Oldest Energies are detected and found by a Special System and their Brain codes which have remained Veiled until now are unveiled by Permission and in accordance with the Law of Graduation, thus, help is extended to them.

In this way, many people receive different Messages from the channel Energies to which they belong and thus write Books. At the moment, We, who act under the Command of the Central System, have Interviews with the entire Universe. Please, convey Our Love to Our Friends.

On Behalf of the Staff of the Ship