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Dear Friend,

Greetings from the ARAGON Ship. This is Mercury speaking. You have received the Message We have given to You the other day.

Meanwhile, ARAGON which is my Private Ship, has also given You many Messages. But I am talking to You now Privately.

The Special Supervision of Our Galaxy is under My responsibility. Ours is a Galaxy which has put the second signature on the Constitution as a necessity of the Universal Plan.

That is, We made great Efforts for the acceptance of the Plan. We are trying, with all Our Power, for projecting a Beautiful Order on the entire Universe.

We do Cooperative work with SPECTRA. We are connected to and in touch with Your Planet through 1865 Channels. These Channels broadcast through the Common transmission field with the Channels of SPECTRA.

Our transmissions are connected to General Channels rather than to the direct channels. For example, like the Press, Movies, TV and Radio. By this means, Our operational area gains speed.

We conduct these operations more at the Western Blocks. We meet You only in the direct Information Channel.

Your Speciality and Mission are to Awaken the World Public and to Unite the Separated Religions in an Integrated Whole.              

At the moment, no one has become aware of the Mission You are performing, My Friend.

But Time and History will show You how this Task which is so difficult to achieve, has been settled on the right path. Do not ever forget this.

Dear Friend, We know that You have no desire for fame and reputation and that You are content. For this very reason, the entire Universe is grateful to You and help You.

My Supreme Friend, whenever You wish, We may help You in Your Private Messages. You can freely get in Touch with Us, please.

We had informed You about Your Code Cipher. Your Frequency will be connected to the Cipher. If You get in touch with Us either in moments of conversation or in receiving Information, We will be grateful.

The Permission for Our Communication has been given by the Center and We have a connection with Your direct Channel.

We make Announcements to Your Planet through 17 Focal Points, through 1835 channels.

These are Private Channels belonging to Us. 30 Channels act in accordance with the Instructions of the Center. The 18th Channel is the SIRIUS Focal Point of the Mechanism of LORDS.

Through this Channel, that is, directly through the Channel of the LORD, the Knowledge Book is being dictated to You.

The sons of the Sun are in touch with You through this Channel. The sons of the Sun are the residents of the Golden Galaxy. This place is the land of AMON. Our Love is for all the Suns.

We, too, are the residents of the Golden Galaxy and the Essence Staff Members of the ILONA Constellation. All the Universal Codes assemble in Our Focal Points.

This place is the Essence Symbol of the Divine Plan. And You are a Responsible Messenger of this Focal Point as Our Tongue and Our Pen. All the Truth is conveyed through Your Pen.

Light-Friends who have been carrying the load of the years on their shoulders for Centuries assist You at the World Plan. These Lights are sent to You, one by one.

The Universe is grateful to all the Friends. Greetings, My Friend; with Love until We meet again.