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(A Speech)

In the World Plan, During this Special Age in which Disputes about Reincarnation are rendered, the time has come for Knowing and for Announcing the Truths in all clarity. First, the Consciousness that the Reincarnation phenomenon has nothing to do with the Physical Body which is crude matter should be attained. Reincarnation is a phenomenon pertaining only to the Evolution of Energy.

The Human Being has Investigated since his/her coming into existence the reason of Death in every Period and could not accept by any means the phenomenon of Death. For this reason, everybody has Interpreted the subjects pertaining to Dying and Retuning to Life Mentioned in the Sacred Books according to his/her Consciousness and has led the phenomenon of Reincarnation into a blind alley.

In fact, the phenomenon of Reincarnation to which People have been paying great attention for Centuries and for which they still could not find a solution, is only and only the Formation and the Development process of an Energy.

As long as Humanity tries to solve the phenomenon of Reincarnation through Reason, questions will always be left without an answer. There is no stagnancy in anything. There is a Development process to everything. The Maintenance in another Dimension of a Development occurring in a certain Dimension depends on the principle that Evolution is infinite.

The Period we live in at the moment is a Period Peculiar to itself. Humanity now lives in the Age of Interpretation and Expounding. For this reason, everyone brings Interpretations According to himself/herself to the Information they have received, thus, constitutes a Knowledge and Consciousness Chaos in the World.

Celestial Information is always given in accordance with the Needs, the Consciousness and the Medium of the Public. In order for Energy to be able to reach from the Micro to the Macro Consciousness, it has to Proceed through numerous Phases.

Mevlana’s saying “I was Stone, I was Earth, I became a Blade of Grass, I became a Flower, I became an Animal, I became a Human Being and later I will become Light” shows the Evolutionary Stairs of Energy. This very thing is a Reincarnation.

An Energy transferred to the World by assuming ownership of a crude matter form assembles the Knowledge it attains during his/her life in his/her Brain archive. The Brain is an Information Bank. Information is assembled within the crude matter of the Brain, thus, is registered into the essence Energy Bank. This is called Evolution of the Essence.

This is the Consciousness attained in a Life Time. The Person himself/herself is unaware of this. For the Development of the same Energy, again a crude matter matrix is needed. This time, the same Energy comes into the World with a Different matrix.

The Human form is the last and the most perfect Experience matrix of this Reincarnation ring. After this boundary, the Energy within the Human matrix attains Physical Bodies several times in the World for Consciousness progresses and this is called Reincarnation.

Here, the Gender, The Form, the Nationality of the matrix is not important. The important thing is the Energy assuming ownership of that matrix. The processes of the Energy’s becoming Conscious are Phase by Phase.

At the moment, every Person who lives in the World has been Incarnated in the World in different times for rendering Consciousness progress by attaining Experience. However, since we could not yet transcend Our Consciousness which is within the Medium of Form, we consider the phenomenon of Reincarnation by Thinking about it in a formal Totality.

An Evolving Energy Proceeds to the Evolution of Consciousness after it completes its Mutation, that is, its Development and Transformation Program. And the Reincarnation program is never again applied to Entities Who have completed their Consciousness Evolution.

In the Education Program taken into Effect by the Sacred Books, Reincarnation comes to an end at the 4. Dimension, that is, at the Dimension called “Paradise”. But for those who have been trained by the Far East Philosophy, Reincarnation comes to an end at the 6. Dimension called Nirvana. This is the Dimension of Immortality.

However, after the Completion of the Reincarnation phenomenon, if they wish, Entities may be Incarnated numerous times by their Free Will in the World which is the Dimension of Veiled Awareness. However, they can never Remember their Past as a necessity of the Program.

All Troubles and All contradictions Originate from this point. Because the Program of the world has been Prepared thus. Remembering the Past Darkens Your Future and a Person who remembers his/her Past, can never render or complete his/her Evolution in the Period he/she lives.

A person can never remember his/her Past life by his/her own Power. Only, there remain small fragments in his/her Memory. However, the System specially makes certain people Remember their Pasts in Accordance with the Programs made.

Human Consciousnesses who advance in difficulty on the path of Evolution have caused the constitution of the Divine Administrative Laws and Decrees.

From within many programs applied on the path of the World Evolution, on the Grounds that Humanity has taken into Effect a more Speedy Progress only on the Godly path, the System of Evolving Humanity by making them Conscious on the path of the Sacred Books has been taken into Application by the Supreme Authorities.

Afterwards, Karma Programs and programs of Attaining by Experience have entered into Effect for the completion of the Evolution of Consciousness.

A Person has not attained his /her present Consciousness in this Period in which he/she lives. His/her Knowledge is the Knowledge Accumulation of his/her Past lives. Certain Consciousnesses never accept this Natural occurrence.

However first, for Solving this program, everybody should understand and know that Reincarnation has nothing to do with the Physical Body and that it is only the Evolution of Energy and is a Mutation, that is, a “Transformation”.

First, I would like to say that Reincarnation has been present since the first formation of the Ordinance of the Cosmoses. Everything is Energy. The Development process of a micro Energy into a macro Energy is a Reincarnation.

The attaining of Consciousness of this macro Energy during the passage of time by completing its Development, too, is a Reincarnation.

This Conscious Energy continuously goes through Evolution until it attains the Power to be able to hold its Atomic structure, and its crude matter form comes into existence (Stone – Earth – Solar Systems – all living beings and the Human Being). This, too, is a Reincarnation.

An Energy needs a crude matter Body in order to attain Experience and to Evolve. That which bestows this Physical Body to us is the Genes of Our Mothers and Fathers. For this reason, we can never Repay them.

Because, if Our Mothers and Fathers had not Bestowed on Us this (Biological Wardrobe) we call the Physical Body, the Energy within that Body which is (Me), that is, (The Captain of this Body) would never be able to Evolve.

Until an Entity Educated by Religious Rules reaches the I Am God Consciousness, the subject of Reincarnation is a matter of Investigation and Dispute for him/her. Only when one Transcends this Dimension and attains the Consciousness of the Truth in the medium of Unity, the veiled Boundaries of Reincarnation become unveiled. This is a Universal Program.

The Spiritual Energy has nothing to do with Gender. For this reason, an Entity who had once lived in the World with a Male Body may live in another time with a Female Body. Because, the Physical Body in the World life is a Biological Robot equipment.

The Alterations in the Physical Appearances originate from the Genes received from Different Mothers and Fathers in each Period. As a matter of fact, that which is Incarnated in the World is the Energy who enters into that Biological structure.

For this reason, the same Energy in numerous times attains Physical Bodies in Different Genders and physical Appearances by the Genes of Mothers and Fathers with whom its Coordinate matches.

But the Energy in those different Physical Bodies which is (Me) is the same (Me). And it attains a Physical Body being Incarnated according to its position in the World. And by this means, All Entities reach the perfect by stepping forward through the Consciousness they attain as a result of the numerous Comings and Goings in each Period.

Let us repeat again, an Energy gaining Physical Bodies numerous times in the World never Remembers his/her Past Life. If he/she does, he/she can not down load into his/her Essence the Evolutionary register of that Dimension he/she lives in. This is a Universal program.

After a Person transcends the Consciousness Level of the World Dimension during his/her life span, from time to time his/her Memory registers enter into Effect and then certain passages from Past lives may be Remembered.

You know that when Mevlana defined Reincarnation, at the end he had said, “I will become Light”. After becoming Light, too, Disputes on the subject of Reincarnation will go on for a long time.

These subjects are quite lengthy. If there is no Reincarnation, then there is no Evolution. Each occurrence is Subject to a Mutation. However, it is very difficult for Information not grasped yet precisely to settle into the Reason of a Person.