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Our Friends,

We are a Group of Wise People who give Special Information to the Planet Earth together with the Sirius Mission by the special Command of the Council of Stars.  Only after the Vibrations received from Your Planet it was possible to make Contact with You.  

Let Us talk to You briefly about the Principles of the Plan of the Loyal Ones.  The Loyal Ones are the Devoted Friends of a Commission which prepares certain Suggestions taken as a necessity of the Sacred Mechanism in accordance with the conditions of Your Planet, and are the coherent Staff Members of the Plan Application Department.

This is a Mechanism which Administers by a single hand the Commands or rather the Laws of all the Universal Commissions, collecting them within the Universal Plan.  Each Planet is Devotedly committed to Universal Laws.  Everything is in the Order of a Systematic Tableau.  

The Sirius Star Council is Responsible for the Universal Order.  Sirius is an Orderly Planet Administered by a Mission.  It works Cooperatively with the Council of Stars and the Assembly of the Constant Ones. It is responsible for giving Information regarding only the Milky Way Galaxy.  

It receives the Commands from the Council of the Loyal Ones.  The Council of the Loyal Ones is a Whole which Administers the inter-Galactic Unification.  Other Missions, too, besides the Sirius Mission are serving towards the Golden Age.  

The Plan of the Loyal Ones, which comprises great Knowledge, has been prepared by the Loyal Supreme Ones and have been announced to Your Planet.  But since this Knowledge has been given outside the System, it somewhat has a remote expression considering Your Medium.

This Plan has a Cipher peculiar to itself.  The aim is to raise the Consciousness Codes up to the Universal Level of Knowledge. The given Messages comprise all the Knowledge of the Medium You will be in, up to Your present times.  

The Plan of the Loyal Ones is equipped with the Knowledge beyond Karena (When the Time comes Karena will be mentioned to You).  To appropriate to one’s self the actual Purpose of the Plan and to comprehend even one tenth of the Information given in the Book will be a great gain for Your Planet.