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Greetings to You, Our Beloved Friend who is the Pen of the Golden Age; this is Captain RIVIER (this is not my Real Name). We ask You to accept Our Universal Gratitude.

We observe Your efforts, and receive Your Love. The Divine Mechanism makes extremely intense efforts for the step to be taken towards the Golden Age.

The Channel of ALTONA is Your Essence-Channel. The Seeds of Integrated Consciousnesses are supervised by the Universal channel.

The Channel of ALTONA is the direct responsible Channel. We act only in accordance with the Commands We receive from the Commissions working under its Command. We are obliged to convey the Private Messages to be given to You.

The dictated Book is under the Supervision of the World LORD and is dictated through a Special Channel under great supervision.

We are concerned only with Special Missionaries who work in Your Planet.

As the responsible ones of the Universal Ordinance, We have no tolerance at all in matters of Mission and Responsibility. This word of Ours is not aimed at You.

Because, at the moment, You are the Single Focal Point and the Single Messenger who works with the entire responsibility of Your obligations. You are under the Supervision and the Protection of the Center.

We are only concerned with distributing and adjusting the Frequencies at the Medium.

The Clergy is being dealt with by the Divine Mechanism. Now, You are performing Your Mission in Your Planet, undertaking the entire responsibility of a Universal Mission.

From the Unified Ordinance, the Single direct Channel connection is only with You. At the moment, the Single undertaker of responsibility of the Golden Age is the SIRIUS Joint Plan. And it is connected to the Golden Galaxy Empire which is responsible for the Universal Ordinance.

Our Ships are from a Constellation connected to the MANHITO Planet (INO Constellation). We are Patrol Ships which protect You due to the Mission We have received by trying to prevent the events which will occur in Your Planet.

For weeks, We have been performing a close examination over Your Planet by Special Systems, with two ships. Negative Frequencies are discovered and precautions are taken. The mistakes and faults of those who serve on this path are never forgiven.

We do not have severe rules. However, harsh reactions on Our part from time to time, are to charge Our Missionaries in Your Planet with more responsibility.

Because, slackness can, at any moment, become against You. We only apply the given Commands. Our problem is with the Rigid and the Irresponsible ones.

Our Love, too, is Infinite like Yours, Good-bye, My Friend.