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In the 20. century project we have gone through many Spiritual Focal Points have been constituted trying to Increase the Awareness of Unification, Peace and Friendship in Our Planet.

Because, Our World is not the old sleeping World any more. And in every field we proceed towards a Global Integration.

Our Planet left in its own Evolutionary Dimension until today has now received the permission to Exchange Greetings with Kozmoz. Everything lived until this Final Age is a Celestial Process. And everything is a phenomenon pertaining to the Evolution of Energy.

The Human Being Imprisoned within a Dimension of Test until today has learned how to walk by breaking his/her crust by the Divine Suggestions. And now, he/she will learn how to Fly. The very tableau of this Final Age designs this Reality for Us.

A perfect World Government to be established during the Morrows by the assistance of Friends who have attained a certain Consciousness Light will be a Flowery World Without Wars, Without Arms, full of Love and Happiness.

However, in order to constitute such a medium, first the Human Being must be dealt with.

The Purpose and the Service of all the Spiritual Focal Points established in Our World at the moment is this. That is, the Human Being. Spiritual Education is a must for the World Order as much as the Terrestrial Education is a must for the Human Being for his/her Success in his/her Social Life.

Good intention is present in every Essence. However, unless it is brought up to the Consciousness, no result will be received from either Social life, or from Universal Integration.

The Human Being is a Total as Matter and Spirit. However, if he/she remains only in Spirit, he/she can not make his/her Evolution; if he/she remains only in Matter, he/she can not make his/her Progress.

The Cosmic Currents characteristic of this Final Age are given to Unify both Totalities, that is, the Spirit and the Matter. This state called in Sufism the Becoming One of the Inside and the Outside is a Circular Evolvement.

In here, the Human Being will first Merge with himself/herself, then will Socialize by Merging with society and only then will he/she say Hello to Kozmoz.

For this very reason, all the spiritual Focal Points in Our World are in such an Operational Network. The Aim is first the Human Being, then the World, and then Kozmoz.

At the moment, while a Chaos is experienced in Our World by Different Consciousnesses’ being reflected on each other, also the Evolutionary Steps are climbed, one by one, Silently and Profoundly.

The Human Being has always been the Evolutionary Steps of other Humans through the entire positive and the negative events experienced in the World Platform.

Our World is an Atomic Nucleus within many Magnetic Fields. And there are many Spiritual Focal Points at this moment in Our World having dedicated themselves to the Law of Service to the Human Being and to the Single. They are Universal Staffs.

You, We and Those who Think like Us are the essential Members of these staffs. And they have set on the path in order to shed Light on the morrows on the path of Helping One Another, Peace and Love by the Unification Awareness coming from their Essences.

However, we are at the very beginning of everything yet and everyone is obliged to take into Effect his/her Collective Consciousness by releasing Individuality in this Universal Service he/she will render on the Humanitarian path.

All Friends’ who’s Purpose is Mission in these Universal Staffs, considering the Services they make as not to satisfy themselves but as a need coming from the Essence, by releasing the Attraction of the World and the Personality Problems will make Our World attain many things.

One day, if Humanity can consider everything with Tolerance, Patience, and Love and can consider even his/her Enemy as a Friend, the Peaceful days everybody misses will Come and the World Government where happy People will Live will be Established.

The Expected Morrows are not far away in case all Spiritual Reflecting Focal Points Aiming at Mission by this belief Focus around the same Purpose. All the Efforts made today are for the Human being and for Humanity.


There can never be Peace of Mind in mediums where Matter gets the upper hand over Spirituality.

There is Infinite Happiness in the medium of Purification.