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Our Friends,

In accordance with the Universal Law, connections are made with all the Codes of Art.  These Messages in your hands are being dictated by a System Your Planet does not know yet.  

The receiver of the Messages is Your direct Channel of Anatolia.  This Book which compiles together all the Religious Books in accordance with the Universal Theory, is yet addressing the bottom Level of Social Consciousness.

You, the Artists are the Godly Codes.  The step of Evolvement begins with Art.  Each of You is a Light who Enlightens Society.  All Our Terrestrial Friends are a Missionary each.  

However, in Codes of Art this Consciousness expands to very advanced Dimensions.  The course of Your Duties will change in time.  Time will prove everything to You.

We ask You to prepare the Social Consciousness for the Consciousness of the Golden Age.  All of You are Awakened Friends who have attained Cosmic Consciousness.  The Universe is making its Progress in accordance with the Law of Equilibrium.  A new BETA Solar System is being created by means of the entire Universal Energy.

What You call Resurrection is the Resurrecting of Consciousnesses.  We have unveiled the Skies for You.  From now on everything will advance on the path of Learning and Science.  But Our Human brothers and sisters will be Purified according to the needs of their Essence.  The increase in concentration in Religious Mediums is due to this.  

Aside from the Purification and Evolvement which takes place by means of Religious Fulfillment, the Purification of the Brain, of the Spirit and of the Essence by means of the Arts requires an Evolvement Level even beyond the limits of the Universe.  Greetings from all the Galaxy Systems to Friends who have attained this Progress.

The Supervision of the Heavens of yours is under the control of a Mechanical System.  This Book is dictated by direct Channel Connection.  Our Contacts with Our other Friends occur through Mediamic Channels (that is, through Mediums).  

From time to time, contacts are made both directly and through Dream Channels with Friends who have attained Cosmic Consciousness.  Your World is now within a new Universal Consciousness.

What You call Flying Saucers are Our small Disks.  Our Ships besides these are much bigger than those.  However, We land on Your World by the Disks. When You read the Messages, You will grasp the seriousness of the matter.

Your path is the path of Learning and Science. By means of this Book, We are trying to bring the bottom closer to the top. The Messages will be sent to the appropriate Codes of Art.  Love to all Friends from the Universe.