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7 – 11 – 1991


During this Final Age in which Matter is victorious over Spirituality, Your Planet goes through difficult moments due to the Individual and Unconscious interpretations of the Human Consciousnesses. The System is a Divine Order assisting the Human being in each Period.

In accordance with the Law of Respect to the Human Being, Humanity has been left in the Freedom of Action according to its own Consciousness. The System is the same System since the first moment until this moment. Information – Warnings – Applications are given parallel to the flow of Time and the public Consciousnesses.

All Liberties have been deserved as a results of painful consequences. However, if the Liberty Consciousness enters into Effect for destruction, the System automatically applies its program. Because, the System is always with those who are Right.

The Awareness of the Ordinance is in Effect in All the Operations within the Brotherhood Staff which is a Special Operational Branch of the System. However, very naturally, this Staff, too, will receive its due from the negativities occurring through the Human Consciousnesses.

Your Planet is also going through the Resurrection of the Cosmic Age in this Special Age it is going through. The Celestial Sacred texts which have shed Light on You until these days had each been announced to You by a Guiding Prophet of Light as a necessity of that Period.

However, 15 Centuries after the revelation of the Book of Islam which is the Final Sacred Book, Information Confirming each other are given to Your Planet through 630 channels by taking into Effect the Echo – Telex System in accordance with the 1900 Speedy Evolution Program, as a proof that now all the Truths are given to Your Planet from the same source.

This is the very reason why Humanity orients itself towards Different channels by Organizing itself in accordance with its own Consciousness and Enters into a medium of Seeking, since it does not know this Truth. However, the mentioned Source is Directly the Source of the Lord.

Your Planet which is going through a Mediamic age is making an investment in to the Golden Age of the morrows. Do not forget that the Space Age is a Mediamic Awakening. However, the Knowledge Book is not the Book of the Aliens, it is a Book of Light ALLAH has Bestowed on Humanity.

During this Final age in which everything has reached Universality, now Humanity has to Know the Source of all the events Exhibited in the Mediums we Live in. It is presented for Your Information.