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27 – 7 – 1998


Each Cycle is the Evolutionary programs and operational Ordinances taken into Effect being prepared parallel to Public Consciousnesses under the Supervision of the Divine Order.

Each program has been Applied being Organized in accordance with the Consciousness of the medium until today and more advanced programs have been taken into Effect in accordance with the Success ratios observed here.

However now, since speedier Advancements are envisaged in the program of this Final Cycle by the decision the System has taken in this final Age, very Great Alterations have been made in the old programs and the Knowledge Book has been dictated by envisaging the unveiling of the programs beyond Religions as Information to Humanity.

However, the present Cycle Program is quite Different, more Lucid and more Net. For this reason, “The Right of Word with the SINGLE” has been taken into Effect with the Consciousnesses who have made their Progress, without feeling any need for the Intermediaries any more.

During this Final Age, in order for Humanity to Enter the Salvation Program and for them to be Accepted, it is obligatory for them to take into Effect first the program of Sovereignity over the Self.

The Explanation of the Information Accelerates the Evolution of the Human Being. Each Information received Unveils the Consciousness, and Consciousness makes us reach Realization. And Realization loads Responsibility on a Person by making him/her reach the Consciousness of what to Do.

This Program of the 19. Cycle has been taken into Effect as the most Authentic program of this age. In this program, Energy Transfers from the Close-Plane from Person to Person are relevant in accordance with the System of projection

On the Grounds that these transfers will make a Speedier Unveiling in the Consciousness Progresses, very advanced Consciousnesses have been transferred to Your Planet who have made Progress beginning with the first Cycle until this Final Cycle.

These advanced Consciousnesses have attained Physical Bodies by making special Covenants with the Reality. And in case they do not perform their Missions, they have accepted as a necessity of the Program, to be Restored to their Dimensions and to remain there For Ever.

However, many of these Supreme Consciousnesses who have suffered Consciousness Bewilderment due to Terrestrial chaoses in the veiled awareness medium, could not performed their Missions being seized by the awareness Whirlpool and have lost their Rights.

For this reason, to Announce the Truths in all Clarity to the Missionary Staffs of the World is a Decision the Supreme Realm has taken. Time is Scarce, Hearts are Constricted, the System functions and Humanity can not catch up with it.

Now, everyone is obliged to learn the Truth. In Case Humanity can not get rid of their Terrestrial Consciousnesses, they will lose many things.

The first Law envisaged in the Evolutionary Ordinance is the Law of Sovereignty over the Self. The Transition Permit to the Dimensions where these Evolutionary Laws are valid is given by the Divine Realm. However, Sovereignty of the Self is Peculiar to Powerful Wills.

Passion for any Pleasure or Intoxicants is considered Weakness in accordance with the Divine Administrative Laws. For this reason, will Power is considered foremost. The first Law is to utilize the will Power, the second Law is Respect for the Human being. This is the System of Wisdom.

A Will Power has quite different, various test degrees. For this reason, Your World is, with all its facets a Totality of tests. And each Dimension has tests in gradation peculiar to itself.

Those who have won these tests have been made to Wait in a Dimension until today, and in this Final Age we call Resurrection they have again attained Physical Bodies in the World as Missionaries by making Covenants with the Reality.

They are Friends who have once Deserved numerous Ranks by utilizing their Will Powers very well in the Religious path on the Grounds of Allegiance and Reverence to ALLAH. And now, their very difficult Tests and Selections are in Effect.

The System, in this veiled awareness Dimension scans and tests their Will Powers Technologically by various reasons. If a Will Power has been attained by Consciousness, it has penetrated into the Essence. If it is attained by Fear, then it has not penetrated into the Essence.

In this Period in which the Truths are Unveiled, the Fears are Abolished, certain Divine Friends who were unable to make one their Intellects and Hearts create a chaos in Your Planet. This is the very reason why the Reality – The Cosmos Federal Totality – The Technology and The System are in Effect.

Those who will Gain at the end of these Selections is the World and the Human being. Even if the tests of the First Cosmic Age Seem to be easier in Appearance compared to the other Ages, the most difficult test gate is the First Cosmic Age. Because, this is the test of the Eminent Ones.

In this test you will either Pass, or Fail. There is no other alternative. However, the gains of those who are Successful in the tests are many. Do not forget that the First gate is Will-Power, the Second gate is Respect. Those who own these two keys will Deserve to receive the Third key.

The Reality Order is an Evolutionary Order, everyone knows that the World is a Dimension of test. However, to Succeed in these difficult tests is a phenomenon pertaining to the Evolution of the person.

For this reason, to have Tolerance even for those who Assault You is the first Boundary of Wisdom. The Stages after this are, not to Consider an entity as a Human Being of the World and to be able to have Essence Reverence for him/her by reaching his/her Consciousness.

In this Law, Respect for the Human Being is “Respect for Allah”. All these are Evolutionarily and Universally Prepared Laws. In the Evolutionary ordinance all these Laws are taken into Effect and utilized as a criterion.

In the Divine Administrative Laws there is no forcing by any means. His/her Free will belongs to the Human Being. Human Consciousnesses make their own Judgments by Choosing their own paths. The Space authorities and the Divine Powers have taken the Decision to share, from now on, each Information with Humanity. It is presented for Your Information.



The First Cosmic Age = between the years 1900 – 2000

1 Cosmic Age = 100 years = 1 century.

One Cycle = is 26.000 years.