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18 – 10 – 1998




The Supreme Realm does not hand our Mission and Rank to anyone. These are Characteristics attained by people as a result of their Efforts.

Operational Programs are taken into Effect according to everyone’s Capacities. For this reason, operations made in Your Planet have been divided into many Branches.

Each work is a Service made on the path of ALLAH. For this reason, it has been mentioned in Your Sacred Books that work is Worship.

However, according to the Speedy Evolution program, the operations of this Final Age have operational Ordinances peculiar to themselves.

For this reason, the KNOWLEDGE BOOK which is the Only One which will shed Light on the Calls of Friendship and Unification in Your Planet is in the Responsibility of the entire Humanity.

According to the Universal scans made among Human Consciousnesses in Your Planet, Information settles into the Human Consciousness in a time Segment like 8 years.

For this reason, during the time has passed until the year 1989 from the date Your Book has been revealed to Your Planet, Humanity has made the Evolution of a 1000 years in a time period like 1 year by the help of the Cosmic currents, thus, has been taken into a medium of Speedy Awakening.

After the year 1989, this program of Humanity which will take into Effect the Evolution of a 1000 years in a time period as short as 1 month will Continue until the World year1997.

After this date, during the time period until the World year 2005, Evolution of 1000 years will be obtained in a much less time like 1 day.

Between the World years 2005 – 2013, Humanity will then be Subject to Evolution in every Hour. And after this date, each Step to be taken in each Breath, every Minute and every Second will take into Effect an Evolutionary Plan.

Humanity reaching the more perfect by this means, will take into Effect the Fourth Order of ALLAH in a much more Conscious way. It is presented for your Information.