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(A Speech)

At the moment, Our Plane which has lost its many Characteristics materially, spiritually and Naturally is being Restored anew. Events Experienced until today and will be Experienced will, in a very short time, Unify Humanity in a Totality by conveying them to the Consciousness of the Truth.

Our Planet which, at the moment, awakens from its sleep is now experiencing the preparations of the Program of a new Age in which everything in the future will proceed towards the perfect. This is a Golden Age Consciousness. And this is an investment aiming at the Centuries.

Every Reformic Movement is the preparations of the Foundation of a Golden Age and Investments made into the Morrows. In fact, each Reformic Order is a Golden Age. However, this Final Cycle Transition Program of 26.000 years has quite a different Preparation program than the other Periods. This Preparation program has come systematically up to Our Century.

First, Celestial Suggestions Announced by the Sacred Books have Unified Our Planet in the Consciousness of the SINGLE GOD by assembling Humanity in a Totality of the Truth. And during the passage of time all the Truths and the Celestial Announcements have shed Light on all the People of Our Planet until today.

During this Special Age we consider as a Mediamic Age, now the Truths are being Exhibited In Accordance with the attained Consciousnesses. All this Effort made and the Calls for Unification are not an occurrence peculiar only to Our Planet. The System of this Final Age is the Unification in a Total of the entire Universal Totality with the Ordinances of Cosmoses and this future age is called the GOLDEN AGE.

The Golden Age is the announcer of good news of a medium in which happy People will live in a Brotherly/Sisterly World Totality and which will shed Light on Us in future, in Accordance with the SINGE GOD – SINGLE ORDER – SINGLE SYSTEM and the SINGLE BOOK.

However, until the longed for Golden Age is reached, still, there are many more Thresholds Our Planet will Transcend. 3 Cosmic Ages have been Recognized for this preparation Period of the Golden Age. (A Cosmic Age comprises a Century).

Our Planet taken into a very Speedy Evolution Program beginning with the year 1900 has completed the First Cosmic Age in the year 2000. This is the 20. century. The Second Cosmic Age includes the 21. century and the Third Cosmic Age the 22. century.

The Beginning date of the Longed for and Desired Golden Age we have mentioned above will start beginning with the 23. Century and will include a Period of seven Centuries. At the moment, if we List, one by one, the Preparation programs of this Period, we realize that the Golden Age can not in any way be reached by easy means.

There are 5 Scales in the Preparation program of the Golden Age. Each Scale comprises an Age. Now, let us explain them in sequence:

1- This is a Preparatory Age and this Age comprises the Period of the Sacred Books.

2- The Age of Awakening: This is the Transition Dimension we are living in now and the Period called RESURRECTION announced to Us until today. At the moment, Our Planet is within this chaos.

3- The New Age: Here, by transcending the habituated Periods, the Period of Reaching the Unknown – Work – Research – Comprehending will come into effect. The Cosmic Age of Two Centuries will live in this Period (the 21 and the 22. centuries)

4- The Golden Age: It comprises the life of a Period of 7 Centuries after the 23. century. Here, by attaining the direct Comprehension of the Universal Awareness and Unification in accordance with the Consciousness of Unity – Totality, we will Witness the presence of a Mechanism – a System – the Godly Order – the Reality not yet understood in Our Planet but which We try to Introduce, and we will open wings Consciously towards the Unknowns.

5- The Age of Light: The Age to begin after the Golden Age is called the Age of Light. This is an Age which will come into Effect after the 30. century and here, the direct Order of ALLAH is in Effect.

Humanity being Prepared on this path will now be the direct Essence Member of this System. We call this Path of Universal Light the Golden Age. At the moment, in the medium we live in we have Speedily entered the preparation Periods of the Beautiful Days of the Morrows. The Morrows will be much different than these days.

This is a Period of Transition. At the moment, during this Period, with the Purpose of preparing Mankind for the Golden Age and to Accelerate the progresses of mass Awareness, Awakening and Purification, numerous Spiritual and Technical Focal Points are being established and Operations are being made on this path in each section of Our Planet.