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(A Speech)

The Life Struggle the Human Being who Serves in a difficult World at the moment has gone through for adapting to Nature and to the medium in which they live is really praiseworthy. Because, during this Final Age Humanity is either Conscious or not Conscious of the events they experience. For this reason, I would like to share certain Information with you.

During this Special Age we live in, each Person has the Power of being able to attract a Negative Power Equivalent to his/her becoming positive. Because, this is a Law of Equilibrium and a Universal Program.

Everyone living in Our Planet is in an Attraction Field in accordance with his/her Capacity. However, each Physical Constitution receives and Feels these Attractions differently parallel to their Evolutions.

The Negative influences of the Events experienced at the moment cause People to Feel Uneasy. Even if this Situation experienced seems to break the Resistance of that Person, in fact, all these things add Power to their Power. And this is a Method of Engraftment.

The Human Being is a Universal Battery. To Fill and to Empty this Battery is taken into Effect by the Cellular Awareness of the Physical structure. Each Cellular Awareness attracts the Cosmic Currents according to its Power. By this means, the Human Being Completes his/her Evolution in this way and opens his/her Wings towards the Unknowns.

And the functioning mechanism of this process is as follows: First, the Cellular Awareness stimulates the Cellular Consciousness. And the Cellular Consciousness forces the Existential Awareness. And the Existential Awareness takes into Effect the Cosmic Energy Attraction of the Brain Power through Thought. By this means, the Cellular Awareness conveys the Cell to Satiety by the Energies attracted.

The Coordinates of the Cells within the Biological structure are Supervised by the Power of Thought. However, this Supervision Program is up to a certain Dimension. The Dimensional frequencies to enter into Effect after that Dimension begin to be attracted by the Cellular Awareness from then on. And by this means, the Cellular Consciousness enters into Effect.

This Cellular Consciousness entering into Effect, completing its Satiety, makes an effort in order to come to an Equivalent Level with the Existential Consciousness. The Existential Consciousness helps by loading on the Cell the Energies it has attracted Cosmically.

However, since the Cellular Awareness is not yet habituated to these attracted Energies and since it has not yet attained its Satiety by these Energies, negative affects are felt in the Physical Constitutions until it fills its Store by these Energies. When Satiety is attained these negativities depart.

In this Final Age, the differences between the Dimensional Consciousness You are in and the medium You live in cause the Spasmodic Tableaux and Allergic Reactions to emerge in certain Physical Constitutions.

However, since each Cellular Awareness attracts these Currents in accordance with its own Power, serious sicknesses enter into Effect when there is disconnection and imbalance in the Inter-Cellular Coordinates.

I would like to unfold this matter a little more: There are numerous, uncountable Dimensions in the Ordinance of Cosmoses. And each Dimension has Energy Layers and Evolutionary Scales peculiar to itself.

For this reason, each Cell of an Entity who will complete his/her Evolution in the World Plan is obliged to attract the Energy of the next Dimension of a Dimension the Satiety of which it has attained and to attain the Satiety of that Dimensional Energy, too.

Each Cell attracts Energy in accordance with its attraction Power and Evolves thus and, in time, it attains Satiety to this Energy it had attracted. This is a Universal Program. And this Program continues automatically and successively.

The Satiety of a Cell is realized by the card-indexation of the attracted Energy into the Essence. And by this means, the ESSENCE EVOLUTION is taken into Effect. The Evolved Cell both attracts the Energy of the Dimension to which it has reached and Projects it by Giving it around.

This is its Fundamental and Universal Mission. This Program is connected to the Automatism as a necessity of the System and the Entity carries out its program instinctively.

The Cell which is providing its Satiety only just attracts a little more amount of Energy than the Energy it gives. And by the Accumulation of these Energies it has attracted it provides its Satiety.

The Cell which has reached complete Satiety no more takes into Effect the projection through the Cell. It takes into Service its Universal projection through its Essence. In such a case, the Essence projects the Evolutionary Energy by a higher Frequency than the attraction Power of the Cell.

However, it takes time to Collect the Energy it has given. To shorten this time is an occurrence pertaining to the Equivalence of the Entity’s Spiritual Evolution and the Cellular Evolution.

When a Person’ Coordinate is Equivalent to the Evolution of the Cells within his/her physical Body, he/she attains the Power of being able to attract Energy.

Let us repeat again, while the Cellular Awareness attracts the Energies of these different Dimensions, the Terrestrial Body which is not yet habituated to these Energies feels Tired, Weak and even Sick. However, this is the tiredness of an Engraftment and it is temporary.

In fact, by attracting the Energies of each Dimension separately by this means in this World Medium we are in, We, by completing both Our Spiritual and the Essence Evolutions are opening instinctively the gates of the Unknown Dimensions.

Thought and Faith, Evolution and Consciousness they all are different Coordinates. For this reason, nobody can attract these Cosmic Energies equivalently. To receive them enters into Effect only after reaching a certain Dimensional Consciousness. This is a matter of Evolution.

In this Awakening and Preparation medium of Humanity, the Cosmic Currents and Evolutionary Energies are specially given together. In fact, Evolutionary Energies and Cosmic Currents are different.

The Cosmic Currents are currents which render Regenerated and Conscious. But the Evolutionary Energies carry a Power which Speeds up Evolutions since they are connected to a frequency to attract these Cosmic Currents. Those who reach this Evolution automatically Dissolve the negativities by their own Power in time periods and become Regenerated thus.

However, as it is known, the World enters in a very Speedy way into Positive and Negative numerous Dimensions. By this means, Universes are Cleansed, Human Beings are Purified, and You are Transferred to extremely Supreme Positions.

In this Final Age, all Difficulties Experienced and Gone through are temporary. Every thing is for the benefit of the World and Humanity. There is no situation to be concerned about. Let us Know all these things, however, let us not forget that when we are Sick the first door we should knock on is Medicine.


Each Cell carries the secrets belonging to the past, it is a Universal Power and a Universal Consciousness. The Human Being is a Totality constituted by the Connecting Tissue constituted by the Cellular Vibrations.