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20 – 12 – 1998


In this difficult Period Your Planet goes through we would like to talk with You in more Detail about certain subjects. It is known that during this Cosmic Age, everyone’s perceptive Power has been unveiled and has entered into Effect in accordance with his/her Power.

For this reason, the extremely intense operations of a Universal program in which now, the entire Ordinance of Cosmoses are taken into Effect, has at the moment been started.

While Human Egos release their wails to the Universal Totality with maximum Power, they cause the experiencing of a chaos in your medium by cutting off through their Thoughts the positive currents given to Your World.

In this special Period we live, no one has the authority to interfere with anyone in accordance with the Laws of Individual Will. Now, the Decree of every one is given to his/her own Hands. Every one is responsible for his/her own self.

Negativities observed in Your Planet living in a time Segment where Recollections and Sensitivities are lost, where many people have lost their Human Awareness, originate from Human Consciousnesses’ taking into Effect their Individual actions, not Rasping their Egos.

In the Age You live in, Humanity is under the Influence Field of the World Consciousness. And it is still lacking Even the Consciousness of the whys, the causes and with what purpose Love, Friendship, Brotherhood/Sisterhood, Peace and Universality are taken into Effect.

While Humanity carries out their lives parallel to their Terrestrial Views and Individual Consciousnesses in the time Segment lived during this Final Age, they also Sabotage numerous aids taken into Effect by good intention.

Instead of the Knowledge and Consciousness Accumulations they have attained during different Passages of time settle People into the System of Wisdom, they Activate their Individual Instincts without being aware of it. This situation Obstructs even the realization of the Faults made.

Transcending the distances between Humanity and the Godly Mechanism is not easy at all. Reaching the Reality Consciousness is not a Consciousness to be attained either by Religious rules, or by Evolutionary steps. That virtue is hidden in the Essence Consciousness of the Human Being. However, to manifest that Essence is possible only by obliterating one’s self from one’s self.

During this Transition Dimension You live in, Your World at the moment is like a toy Ball in the Hands of Humanity. However, it is very Natural that the Human Being who has Learned to Crawl in the hard way, will Stumble on the path he/she treads.

But one day the Human Being will also learn how to play with that toy which is within his/her hand. The Human Being who will Grow Up during the morrows by this means, will one day open the gates he/she does not Know and will be the Master of the Cosmos being Equipped with Unknown Secrets.