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My Friends,

Many people in Your Planet who strive for life at the moment, exhibit still an Individual appearance by their Thoughts and Behavior. However, the Human Being of the morrows will consist of Evolved Entities who share the collective Consciousness. The Speedy Evolution programs have been taken into Effect for this reason.

During this Final Age, even numerous people who have taken into Effect the Service they make presently by the Totality of the Heart in the Project of The Singleness of Allah – The Unity of the Universe, take into Effect this Universal Mission they render as a Satisfaction of the Heart.

For this very reason, today I would like to talk to You about the Human Being, that is, about ourselves. In fact, the Human Being is a silk skein very difficult to unwind. It is so difficult to understand him/her that maybe we, none of us have Thought about this until today.

Even though the Human Being is a Universe, an Ocean, sometimes he/she is a minute Point in the Lock of his/her Consciousness. In fact, he/she is an Entity Foreign even to Himself/Herself. Since the Human Being has not Profoundly analyzed himself/herself until today, he/she enters the reflection Fields of Different Personalities, and projects Himself/Herself from a perspective which is not Him/Her.

Because, in what ever way a Person Thinks, those who enter the Influence Field of that Magnetic Field are affected by the same Vibrations. For this reason, it is suggested that the Human Being should first be Integrated with Himself/Herself, later to Reconcile with Himself/Herself.

All the Sacred Books revealed to Our Planet until today are Celestial Suggestions taken into Effect to make the Human Being attain the Human Being. Personal conflicts are nothing but the clash of the Hidden Egos and the Jealousies of the Human Being even he/she does not know himself/herself.

Jealousy is nothing but the Bruise of the Shortcomings a Person observes in himself/herself. However, the way of utilization of this Feeling in different styles takes into Effect Different Egos.

Conflicts between Personalities are only a satisfaction of complexes. In an Evolved Entity there is no Conflict by any means. Touchiness and Soreness are the cry of an Ego Originating from its own Being’s inability to get the Upper Hand over Someone Else.

Your Hidden Ego never wishes to be defeated. It is a Power always wishing to See itself in the foreground. For this reason, it always lies in Ambush in the medium of Assault and Defense.

He/she Assaults a person whom he/she Considers weaker than himself/herself, and when he/she Knocks against a Hard rock, he/she becomes more Agitated or becomes Submerged in the Sea of distress since he/she can not Digest the defeat. The source of all the disagreements is this.

The Human Being who tries to prove Himself/Herself to Himself/Herself will always Knock On the doors of unhappiness. And the Human Being who tries to Prove Himself/Herself to Others will exhibit His/Her Unevolvednesses. The Unevolved Human Being always perpetuates his/her life through Feelings. Evolvement is a Phenomenon gained by a Person’s attaining Satiety for everything.

In order for a Person’s being happy, he/she should turn his/her Physical Body Glove Inside Out which is only possible by taking into Effect very long Evolutionary scales. This is called the Interior and the Exterior becoming the same.

In this Situation, the Philosophy of Yunus is Valid. Here, one neither is Unhappy for Poverty, nor Happy for Wealth. The Human Being who attains this Situation is, from then on, a Neutral Consciousness. The Rasping of the Negative and the Positive poles is dependent on the principle of a Person’s becomes Evolved through a Person.

For this reason, first We should Evolve by becoming in Peace and Integrated with ourselves. Only later, we ascend the more advanced Evolutionary stairs with the Human Being. The positive Thought of a Consciousness who can Embrace his/her Enemy with Love, is his/her Gratitude to that Human Being who has caused himself/herself to become Evolved.

During this Final Age, the Entire Humanity is obliged to Traverse these difficult Paths, one by one, in accordance with His/Her Consciousness Progresses and to Come face to face and to exchange greetings with his/her Genuine Personality. Only then will the Human Being know Himself/Herself.