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13 – 1 – 1990


(A Speech)

I would like to begin my speech first with the Micro Energy. In the Tranquility Dimensions where Times, Years and nothing had been present, where Silences Reigned, a Potential had come into existence which had been formed by itself in Unknown Time Periods.

This very Potential which had come into existence is the Micro Energy. (According to the Information received later, in fact, this Potential had not been formed by itself; it had been brought into existence). This Micro Energy has brought into existence Different material Intensities by going through numerous Transformations in Time Periods and by reaching the crude matter form it has brought into existence the Ordinance of Cosmoses.

By following this Formation Chain, the Human Being, too, who is a part of Nature, could reach the Human form of today by going through numerous Phases until it had come to the most Perfect from the most Primitive. This very thing is a mutation.

The final Evolutionary boundary of this Micro Energy is the Human Being. The Physical Body Total of the Human Being, that is, its Biological structure Exhibits an operational function Equivalent to the functioning of the Atomic Totality’s Structure of the Ordinance of Cosmoses. For this very reason, each Human Being is a Cosmos.

The entire Secret of the Universes is the Human being. The one who Solves the Human Being (that is, who Solves his/her own self), Solves the Secret of the Cosmos, too. In a record of coming from the Micro to the Macro, in Totalities within the Totality coming from the same Energy root, the relationship of the “Human, the Universe and the Nature” are Integrated Basically and in Essence by this means.

The Human Being is a Total coming into existence from a Single Energy Spark. The Period we are in at the moment is the Period of becoming Aware and Conscious of this Micro Energy, and this is the Human Being. This is a Mass Resurrection.

Everything always proceeds towards the most Wonderful and the most Perfect during the passage of time. This Human Totality and Potentiality which the Sacred Books say has been created from Mud and Sacred Light, in fact is an Evolutionary and an Educational Energy.

The Human Potential Coming into Existence from the Point of Existence the Details of which I do not wish to embark upon at the moment has completed its Evolution maybe in billions of centuries until it has arrived its Consciousness form of this moment.

Being Born anew which We call Reincarnation causes the Human Potential to attain the Right for Life in Our Planet which is the Dimension of Veiled Awareness or in other planets in Different time Periods. However, Your Consciousness Diskette registers into Your Brain Archive Your Life in the preceding Period and locks it up.

In Your next Incarnation, even though this Archive is present in Your Brain Diskette, you Remember nothing. However, in zero kilometer from that Consciousness Level, you Step forward towards a new life in order to Open towards the Horizons of a New Life and Consciousness without Remembering anything. The reason why it is said, “Everything is present in You” is this.

The moment Your Consciousness Evolution Light fits with the Light of the Time you are in, Your Lotus unfolds. And you begin to Spread Your Consciousness Light in your medium. Evolution is necessary for the Human Being for him/her to catch the Time Light of the Universes by that Consciousness Light. The Maintenance of Your Existence is possible by this means. You become aware of the Secrets of the Universes by this means.

There is no Stop anywhere. A Gate of Light is Opened after each step taken forward. Infinity is the spot where infinities are lost within infinities. Nothing comes into Existence from Nonexistence and that which is Existent does not become Nonexistent. For this reason, everything is Immortal according to its own awareness Level.

However, the Eternal life of the Immortal Human Being Continues in Our Planet until it reaches the Truth of the Eternal Consciousness and the Human Potential I mentioned above is Educated in a program of Evolutionary Living until it reaches this Peak.

To the questions, “I wonder how everything and the Totality we have said until today came into existence Naturally renders this Evolutionary Education and who are those who Apply this program and do they exist?” the answer has been given until today with a Single word and this Infinite Power has been called ALLAH.

All Our Sacred Books having Announced the Truths to Us until today partially even if not in all clarity have shed Light on Us and on the Future and have helped Us to advance in Our Consciousness Progresses.

However now, the time has come to Unveil and to Convey all the Truths exactly as they are to Humanity which has been able to catch the Consciousness Light. Because, the Human Consciousness of this moment has now reached a Stage where it can grasp quite a number of Truths. This Explanation is a Program of Progress of this Final Transition Age.

All Sacred Books have mentioned these days as Resurrection in quite former centuries. The Resurrection Phenomenon is completely different than the Style We have formed in Our Thoughts until today.

Humanity accepting the Resurrection Phenomenon exactly as it is told in the Sacred Books could not solve the Metaphoric Interpretations within those words. Let us give a few small examples for this.

We know that to Resurrect is the Awakening and the Rising of a Person. If this Resurrection is Considered as the Rising of the dead, We, each of us are Dead with Our sleeping Consciousnesses any way. Resurrection, in fact, is the Awakening of Consciousnesses and the Comprehension of the Truths.

Walking of the Mountains mentioned in the Koran symbolizes this Truth. In fact, each Person is a Supreme Mountain in accordance with his/her level of Consciousness. During this Final Period, the awakened Human being treads this path Consciously.

And the situation of the Mountains, Hills and the Seas Becoming One is; the word Mountains in here is the Supremacies many of us will not be able to reach and the Hills (that is, the Humanity of today) trying to be able to reach this Supremacy, and the Seas are the Divine Friends who have Succeeded in being able to Integrate with the Divine Totalities by swimming in the Sea of Reproach.

That is, from now on, during this Transition Period, all of them will be Considered on a Line on the Same Level and no one will be Considered more Supreme than or Superior to anyone else and everybody will be ONE in Terrestrial Views and in Universal Totalities. Because, everybody is a Human Being.

Even if the Human Being does not Know himself/herself, he/she is a very Supreme Entity and a very Supreme Consciousness. Because, He/She has come into existence from the Energy of that Supreme Power. For this reason, first the Human Being should have Respect for himself/herself.

Insult rendered towards the Human Being is (Insult rendered to HIM/HER). Love and Respect for the Human Being is Love and Respect for ALLAH. Only the Realization of the Truth may make You attain this Consciousness. The Period we live in at the moment is such a Period.

Our Planet is going through a Mediamic Period. And now, everybody can receive the Information Scattered from the Unveiled Skies easily in accordance with their Levels of Consciousness either through their Perception Channels, or through their Information Channels.

By this means, Our World will in the future Unify in a Brother/Sister and Love Totality. However, at the moment, Our Planet is going through its Resurrection Silently and Profoundly without being aware of it. Because, the life Tableau of our medium indicates Us this.

Our Sacred Books have announced to Us Centuries ago as Resurrection these days of Our World which is subject to a Transition Program which is up to the year 2000 and will continue afterwards.

There are numerous Terrestrial brothers/sisters of us who are not yet aware of this Period which is experienced. These Brothers/Sisters of Ours, too, who are in Our World which has been subjected to a Tempest of Cosmic Influences will render Consciousness Progress in future years and in the duration of a short time.

Because, at the End of each Cycle, everybody living in Our Planet is obliged to make a certain Consciousness Progress for a mass Salvation.

If again we ask to ourselves, who are those who Announce these Information to Us? Where is the source of the Sacred Books? What and who are present beyond them?

The answers of all these questions have been locked up by the word ALLAH in accordance with Our Terrestrial Consciousness level of that period.

I wonder if Human Life in Our World which comprises a place less than a tiny dot in the entire Ordinance of Cosmoses is present only in Our Planet.

Why does this Magnificent Space We Observe when we raise Our Heads to the Sky still preserve its Silence and why a Real proof which will Satisfy Our Human Consciousnesses is not rendered until today? I presume this question comes to the Thoughts of everyone from time to time. And the Secret of the matter lies in here.

Everything in the Universal Totality is executed parallel to the Ordinance of Graduation and the Consciousness Progress. When the Evolutionary Level of a Person and the Time Consciousness is not Equivalent, no Gate is opened to him/her.

In this Universal Totality which many of us do not Know, there are numerous Universal Friends of Ours who Know and Recognize Us much better than Us. And they Determine Our Thoughts by Celestial Computers each Second, in each Breath.

That is, they are “closer to Us than Our Aorta”. This is the matter of Aorta mentioned in the Koran.

They, as the Essence Representatives of Our Allah who introduce the Skies and Our Allah to Us, have conveyed to Us the Commands of Our Allah through the Sacred Books until today by a Hierarchical Order, and they are the Representatives of the Reality whom we Define today by the word Alien.

Information given in the Universal Totality is Dependent on a Hierarchic Scale due to Dimensional differences. Information Conveyed to Us from very advanced Dimensions are Prepared by the Representatives of the Divine Plan and are projected on to Us by very advanced Techniques We do not Know yet.

The Totality of the Unified Humanity Reality is a Totality formed by numerous Reality Totalities. And this Totality announced to Us as the ONE until today is a Totality projecting on to Us directly the Order of Our ALLAH.

(Unified Humanity Reality in Turkish is Birleşik İnsanlık Realitesi – Translator)

B– Birleşik (Unified)

İ – İnsanlık (Humanity)

R– Realitesi (Reality)

The word (ONE – BİR in Turkish) composed of the First Letters of the above words is the Reality Totality. And that which has Projected the Voice of the Skies on to Us until today is this Totality. The position it is in is a Technological Dimension.

Those who administer these Hierarchical Scales are the Guards of the Technological Dimension. And those who carry out their operations are the Galaxy Totalities. The projection Centre of the Sacred Books is this Totality of Realities called the (ONE – BİR in Turkish - Translator). And this Totality is the Unity of ALLAH.

These Friends who Educate Us in an Evolutionary Scale in accordance with the Order of Our Allah and who guide Us are called the Alien Friends in the Unification Ordinance of the Universes so that We can understand them better.

Many of them are Friends of Light who had come into existence much earlier than Us. Everything loses its Essence Characteristic during the Transforming Time Periods. For this reason, the efforts of finding the Human Being who has been lost within itself has caused Us to settle into an Evolutionary Course, and this is the Godly Order. In many of the Galaxy Dimensions, too, the same Order is Valid.

There are numerous Different Views who wish to live by themselves In this Infinite Ordinance as Individual Totalities and Trying to take the Human Dimensions under Supervision. These Views have been continuing on the Path of the Past and the Future Eternities.

In the face of this Situation, only ALLAH has been protecting the Human Being until today whom HE/SHE has brought into existence in HIS/HER own Dimension and has tried to preserve it in the Power Dimension. And now, HE/SHE is about to establish HIS/HER brand new Order with the Human Totality which has found itself. This is HIS/HER Fourth Order.

These Final Age Awakenings are the proof of this Program. All operations are Services for HIM/HER and for the Total. Celestial Information conveyed to Us has been given according to the public Consciousnesses of that Period.

In that Period, without going into the Depths of these matters, only the concept of ALLAH had been introduced to Us. Once that which had been announced to Us as the “ONE” is this Unified Humanity Reality and it is the Unity of Allah.

Each Person speaks with Someone within him/her both while he/she is Alone and in his/her sad Moments. This voice helping him/her is this Totality, that is, the ONE addressing you through Your Channels.

I presume many of you have met numerous Friends of yours who said that they Speak with their Allah. The most Evident Focal Point of the Human and Universe relationship at the moment Begins from this Boundary.

Above, we had said that the Human Potential was educated in an Evolutionary Progress Program. Those whom Administer this Hierarchical Order, those who have addressed Us until today by the Words of Allah are the Staff Members of that Supreme Power.

These are Our Galaxy Friends, the Divine Plan Representatives and the Reality Totality which Serves All the Universes on this path.

Skies which are still veiled to the Veiled Consciousnesses in Our World have been unveiled to the Unveiled Consciousnesses and Humanity has begun to Hear without Intermediaries the Voice of God Within them by everyone’s Channels getting Connected to the Unified Reality Totality.

A person who made such a talk in the former Periods used to be considered as “Mad”. In fact, the “Mad Person” is the one whose Knowledge Potential is Powerful, but who can not take under Supervision his/her Intellect – Reason – Awareness Triangle.

In fact, a Person who has a Universal Potential is a part of Nature within Nature. His/her Virtue distinguishing him/her from the other living entities is his/her Ability to utilize his/her Reason.

If you notice, Intellect and Awareness are present in every Entity in accordance with their Dimensions. And even Trees, Flowers, Stones and the Earth have Cellular Intellects and Awarenesses peculiar to themselves not conforming to Our Thought Forms.

However, Reason is present only in the Human Form Totality which has been able to attain the Power to be able to reach the Divine Dimensional Frequencies of an Evolutionary Order. And the Ability to utilize this Reason is attained as a result of Reincarnations.

At the moment, the Human Being, that is, the Evolutionary Potential of Energy is going through its Final Awakening Age. Resurrection is the Final Boundary of Awakening and Screaming of the Human Being who Discovers himself/herself. The Human Being, after awakening with this Genuine Consciousness of his/hers, attains the Right from then on, to be able to call out to the Universes and to speak with HIM/HER.

In fact, the Human and Universe relationship begins beyond that Boundary from then on and embraces the Unknowns. In Our World which has come to this Final Boundary the Sacred Books call Resurrection, which We Consider as the Progress of the Final Age, now, the lives are not cheering at all.

Sacred Books have mentioned the characteristics of this Period in Detail. Humanity which will unite with a Divine Light from the Threshold of Despair in Future years will become the Supreme Missionaries of the morrows in Unknown Worlds.

The Skies will always remain veiled to Our Planet unless the People of the World arrive in a Conscious Unification by Transcending the boundary of curiosity. However now, the Reality, together with Friends who were able to reach the Consciousness of Universal Totality, prepares Happy, Flowery Worlds for the Happy Human of the morrows.

Here is the Human Being – here is the Universe; now all of us will reach these Happy Morrows step by step (for now), but running in the morrows by the Totality of the Heart, Love, Tolerance and by the Consciousness of Peace. The Void of the Space still Conceals its Secret while the Scientific research performed in Our Planet advances full Power in the race of discovering the Space.

Once, the Voices Calling out from the Skies to Sages like Moses – Jesus Christ – and Mohammad, now call out to the entire Humanity. However, to be able to Hear these Voices is a matter of Consciousness, Time and Evolution.

Consciousnesses who are still Unable to Know the Truth definitely may accept that which are said as a product of Imagination. However, everything is True and We share these Truths easily with Consciousnesses who understand Us.

The Source of this Calling Out, at the moment, is the Unified Humanity Totality Unification Center. This Center reaches Us by Cosmic Influences by a very Different Technique from horizons Our World does not Know yet.

We call Mediums the Friends who can receive these Influences in Our World. However now, Perception Channels have taken the place of the old Mediamic techniques.

For this reason, until the year 2000 everybody has been opened to Consciousness and Perception Channels, thus, their receiving the Cosmic Influences more quickly has been tried. In numerous sections of Our Planet the groups which are the “Close Plane Magnetic Aura Focal Points” have been constituted for this reason.

At the moment, operations made in Our Planet parallel to the Purification Program, that is, (Religious Teachings) have increased for this reason.

Formerly, in order for a medium to be able to establish contact both by Spiritual and by Universal Consciousness, there was the need for an Operator who knew the Technique of this business and who could orient the medium. However now, anyone without feeling the need for anybody, without Going into a trans, can establish these contacts at the place where he/she is, without Intermediaries (of course, those who can).

By Affirming each other of all the Information given from the Reality Totality to each channel, Our Planet will reach the Consciousness of the Truth by this means and in the Happy Morrows it will Embrace the brotherly/sisterly Worlds through this way.

That which is told may be accepted with reservation since the Scientific proof of numerous matters Mentioned can not be made during this time. However, all of them will be Proven during the Morrows and the Truth of those which are Told will be observed.