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15 – 12 - 1990


(A Speech)

You know that in all my speeches until Today I have always mentioned the Past and Today. However now, I wish to prepare You for the Future and for the Morrows by explaining the Morrows, the Future and the Truth.

For this reason, I consider it a Mission to convey to You everything without changing them, exactly as they are. Because, to Know the Truth is the most natural Right of People.

As long as Humanity presently living in the Dimension of form takes shelter in the Shadow of Symbols and Names, it will never reach easily the Totalistic Consciousness OUR ALLAH Expects of Us.

Now, the Consciousness of a Total has been unveiled for Humanity. And the Human Being who is a Total Within the Total has gone through numerous Incarnations until today in order to be Able to Reach the Supremacy to be Able to Embrace everything good or evil with Love, thus, has made and still makes the effort for being able to ascend the Humanitarian Throne.

On the Evolutionary paths of Our Allah there are Mountain Ranges and difficult Passageways. While treading these paths, We are Tested in every Breath in order to reach the Genuine Consciousness Totality.

As I always say, the World is a Stage and all of us are each an individual who share the roles befalling on Us on this stage. When we observe our Lives from this perspective, we reach an easier and more Mature Consciousness.

Otherwise, if we are tossed about within the views of You and Me egotisms, it means that there are still many more paths to be treaded. Religious Doctrines are Celestial words preparing Us for Maturity and Excellence.

The time has come for Transcending himself/herself and to embrace the Universal Totality and the Unknown for the Human Being who has matured during time periods in the light of these words. Because, the Unknown Gates of the Skies are opened only for mature people.

The jinn and the Devil terminologies are a Test for Determining the Genuineness of the Human Consciousness. In the consideration of the Universal Totality, the Genuine Person is the one who can share the Consciousness of the Total and who can reach Eminence. If there is the Devil and the Jinn, then there must be something that OUR ALLAH Knows who has created them.

In fact, the Human Being is a Free Soul, a Free Awareness. However, the Human Being can never utilize this Supreme Consciousness he/she has and which is present within him/her until he/she attains the Genuine Human characteristics.

This is the very reason why Our Planet is a Dimension of Test. Now, Humanity is going through Its Final Cycle during this Period. For this reason, in the Life Tableau of Our Planet there is a very speedy Development and Transformation.

During this Final Age, the clashing Consciousnesses of the Awakening Humanity prepare Humanity for even more difficult days. Because, the Perfect will be attained through experience.

All the authorities who have Served on the path of the Universal Totality in Our Planet until today are each a Solar Teacher. They bring the Lights of the morrows to the Human Being of the morrow in the framework of their Missions.

As long as these Solar Teachers guiding the Friends who are in the Focal Points Serving on this path comprehend the Supremacy of the Mission they render, they must not be in Contradiction with their Personalities and Behavior versus their Words.

The time has come now to answer Our Beloved Brothers and Sisters by their own Expressions who have assaulted the Knowledge Book and Us until today without knowing what the work we do on this path is.

While entering the Age of Knowledge, in a brochure which Unifies Humanity, which Mentions the Truths it says, “Evolvement does not fit into a Single Life, People are Born again and again in order to Evolve. The Spirit explores and tries to learn by utilizing the Human Body, the Laws of God which have been spread to the Entire Universe”.

“But this Knowledge can not be attained within a Single Life. Because, Knowledge is Infinite. The Human Being Ascends by attaining Knowledge and Experience every time he/she comes to the World, there is no Regression on this path. That is, the Human is Born again as a Human”.

Yes, let us stop here. At the moment, each Entity who lives on the Planet Earth by attaining a Physical Body is a Human Being. That is, he/she has a Consciousness more advanced than his/her previous life Period.

All right, what is the Human Being? The Human Being is the one who can Reach the Supremacy of being able to share the Consciousness of a Total. We consider all Our Brothers and Sisters who Serve Humanity during the Transition Dimension of this Final Age as having Attained This Supreme Consciousness.

However, I ask now Our Friends who have deserved to become the Presidents of Universal Focal Points in Our Planet who still make discrimination between Humans – Aliens – Jinn – and the Devil;

I wonder if You have received Your Missions within this Transition Project in the Earth Planet on which you live at the moment? If you defend this thesis, I wonder why Our other Terrestrial Brothers/Sisters do not defend the theses You defend? Why don’t they deal with the problems of the Future and of Humanity?

This is the most crucial point of the Evolutionary Knot. Why all the Information given from the same Source, all Projects which have found the application field from the same Source until today has not still been able to reach the expected Level?

Because, no matter how much a Person Evolves in Consciousness, unless he/she becomes Purified in the Essence, unless he/she breaks the Chains of Egotism, unless he/she breaths the Universal Breath of the Unification Spirit, Humanity will not be able to reach easily its Free and Wonderful World it presently yearns for and expects.

Now, I address all My Brothers and Sisters who consider Us as separate from the Human Totality by utilizing the Expression “Aliens” for Our Totality; Who are You? The World, too, is a part of the Space and all the Souls who exist presently and who will exist in Space, too, are a part of the Space.

The first Application of the Universal Totality Project has set its Seal on the Universes together with the first Entity. And now, this Project which has Developed and which has reached the perfect has waited until the time the Human factor would reach a Totalistic Consciousness by Transcending the Evolutionary Thresholds. At the moment, the time in which we live is that time.

If aIl of us use the expression ALLAH for that Supreme Power who Brought Us into Existence from His/Her Love and from Non-Existence, then, Humanity has now attained Terrestrial Bodies during This Period in order to undertake its Genuine Mission on His/Her path and under His/Her Consciousness Light. This is a matter of permission and this is the Application of a Universal Project.

How can Humanity which is Aware of the fact that even a Bird Can Not Fly without His/Her Permission not reach a Totalistic Consciousness He/She Expects of Us and how can they still consider the Missions rendered from a different perspective?

At the moment, everyone who Serves on the path of Universal Totality and the Focal Points working on this path talk about a Unification, Love, Tolerance, Mission and a Consciousness Totality in the speeches they make.

And when We extend Our Hands to Friends who are the voyagers of this path and call them with the slogan, Come – Come – Come, We are always faced with the Walls of You – I and We are talked about as a deceived Community.

To hear these Words not from Friends who have not reached the Consciousness of the Truth, but from Friends who have attained Special positions in order to shed light on Humanity on the path of Humanitarianism distress Us extremely on behalf of Humanity.

I wonder if all the Evolutions made until today have bought Us to this Level of Consciousness? And I wonder if all the Suggestions which have shed Light on Us by Sacred Books in order to render Humanity Human have not made Us attain anything?

Now, I would like to convey to You here, exactly as it is, his own Words which he has uttered for Us of a Beloved Friend of Ours who Serves on the path of Universal Unification and Totality;

“These people lacking in benevolence, letting malevolent influences reside in themselves by running after a black rope tangled around their necks have no place to hide. They execute their tasks as Entities whose Hearts are Black – Whose Mouths are Black – Whose Hands are Black who Yearn for looking at the Light of the Truth’s Divine Light. And they fill their own pits themselves”.

Yes, this Friend of Ours speaks exactly like this. Neither ALLAH, nor Humanity would Forgive These Friends’ assaulting Us by ugly words who claim that they shed Light on Humanity by serving on this Path of Truth.

I wonder why All Of Us who Serve for the same Purpose, from the same SOURCE, through the same Path Display as if the paths were different and Hinder their Evolutions by Dragging Humanity into confusion.

Now, I again address Our friends who bring different Views to the work We have done;

From Our Totality, from the mouth of which one of us a negative word towards You has been uttered until today? And About whom a bad Word has been said? Whom have we condemned? Whom have we trampled?

We have extended our Brotherly/Sisterly hands to everyone. We have said, Come, let us become Brothers/Sisters, Come, let us become Confidants, Come, let us be in Peace and let us Unite. We have never pushed away any of the Hands extended towards Us until today.

If this path We follow is a Negative path for them and if the path the Friends who assault Us tread is the path of ALLAH, The Human Being who realizes the Truth will, one day, Choose his/her Genuine path himself/herself.

We kept quite until today. Now, the time has come for saying the Final Words. Now, it is Our Turn. Not to answer Instantly these words told and to be Silent is not Cowardice, is not a Weakness, it is Maturity.

While Serving in the Genuine path, there is never Running in Front. There is Awaiting with Patience for the Maturing of time. This is the very reason why it is said, (Time Carried Tranquilly is Time Ready).

It is Our Greatest Yearning to observe Our Friends who teach the ways of Spiritual Exaltation to Humanity apply these Spiritual Values to their lives and to see these Values in their personalities, too.

It is Our Purest Wish that Our Friends who say, “We should be one in Thought, one in the Essence. Because, the World is now handed over to the Awareness, Consciousness and the Conscience of the Human Being” should now settle these wonderful Words into their Essences and grasp the Unity and Totality Consciousness, thus, to Appropriate to themselves the slogan, Respect for the Human Being is Respect for Allah.

Now, our ears wish to Hear Words suitable to the Consciousness and the Name of the medium they render Mission from the mouths of Our Friends who Serve in the medium of Spirit and Love, who have Appropriated to themselves the Mission Consciousness and who are in the Position of being Leaders.

We do not wish any more to hear Loveless Words from the Tongues of Our Friends who keep on Saying the word Love in every opportunity. And now, we wish to See Lights suitable for the Genuine Humans from all Our Brothers/Sisters who act by Universal Consciousness and who give Service on this path.

Now, we expect to See the Transparent Faces by their Insides and Outsides becoming One, of Our Friends who have undertaken the Leadership Mission; and to gain the time lost on the path of Genuine Light by annihilating Together the hindrances instead of placing those hindrances for each other.

Let us Repeat again, the Genuine Human Being is the one who can share a Totalistic Consciousness. For this reason, Yunus and Mevlana are Personalities who have been presented to Humanity as Examples. In case the Human Being who lives within the Total can not reach this Totality Consciousness, he/she is doomed to remain as a Half Person.

Now, We would like to see as a Total with their Humane Power Our Wonderful People who have reached a Powerful Consciousness Totality until today by Evolving on the path of Our Allah. Consciousnesses who can enter the Influence Field of every Word Uttered will never be the Human Being the Morrows Expect.

Humanity must now Transcend Its Personal Consciousness. At the moment, Our Planet is in such an Energy Whirlpool that while these Energies Reinforce each Individual regarding the Physical Body, they, at the same time, Prepare Humanity for the Advanced Consciousness of the Morrows.

At the moment, Our World is Educated and Purified from every view point by these Influences. Now, to spend time on private Sessions is a loss of time for Humanity. Because now, Humanity has opened its wings towards the perfect and the Unknowns in a One-Way path.

Now, on the Universal paths the Genuine Human Beings will tread, one will Stop at Stops no one has known, and Knock at the Doors not Knocked until today. We had been Raw until today – We have been Cooked – We have become Ablaze. From now on, we will leave Crawling and Get Up on our feet – We will Walk – We will Run and We will Reach.

Our Lord had been Our assistant until these days, and now He/She helps by preparing Us for more Advanced Plans. The path we tread is a path of Light – Tranquility – Love – Peace – Brotherhood/Sisterhood – Happiness and Humanity. Because, whom Unifies is within the Total. One day, the entire Humanity will Unify Consciously on this path.