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This Age lived in is the Age of the Human Being who becomes Conscious. At the moment, in Your entire planet everyone who harmonizes with the Law of Service to People and to the Nature has Stepped into this Universal Path by Hearing the Sound of the Skies within themselves.

The New Age is now being taken into Effect as an Age of Intellect and Reason and it exhibits a Powerful and Conscious Human Image. Everyone who lives in the World is Brothers/Sisters. Each Entity who has come into Existence is worthy of Respect.

Religions are a Program of Training People. And now, the View of this Human who has been Trained is Universal, too. And the Universal View comprises the Total. At the moment, Our World, too, is becoming Conscious and Awakened and now it, too, wishes to End Suspicions, Tyrannies and Evil. This is a Transformation.

To live Happily is the most Natural Right of the Human Being, because he/she is Worthy of this. During the awaited morrows, Boundaries will be removed, Arms will become history, Enmity and Wars will not take place, instead, there will be the Awareness of Brotherhood/Sisterhood, Love, Unity, Peace and Unification.

At the moment, All these operations made are Mortars laid in the Foundation of a Happy World which will come into Effect in the Morrows. And one day, the Human Being will create his/her own Paradise himself/herself. Today, the words Love and Peace have become a Slogan of the Humans of the World. However, unless these words get out of Thoughts and penetrate into Essences, they can never, by any means, find an Application field in Our Planet.

At the moment, Our World is at the Eve of a Preparation Period. However, in case Humanity can Succeed in seeing Itself through the Eye of Allah, It will see the beauties It has Concealed within itself until today which it could not See even itself. Everything depends on the flow of time.


Fear is nothing but a Primitiveness and Conditioning.