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(A Speech)

This Globe carrying the name Earth on which we live at the moment together with its Stones, its Earth and with all its Creation is a Dimension of Test. And it is an old World which now has lost its Power Materially, Spiritually and Naturally.

At the moment, the first responsibility of Humanity is to be able to Sustain it and to make Efforts for its Survival. Otherwise, during Time Periods, it faces the Danger of being destroyed Together with all the Creation upon it.

This is the very reason why first of all we are proceeding towards a Brotherly/Sisterly World Union and Totality. On this path, while each World citizen who becomes Conscious steps towards the Threshold of a Great Transformation, he/she begins to be responsible for both his/her World and His/her Nature, too. This is a Universal Movement.

Nothing has been left unattended in the Universal Totality and in the Ordinance of Cosmoses. For this reason, all operational Orders made in Our Planet from the Micro to the Macro and life depends on a Chain of Cause and Effect.

If we proceed from the Knowledge we have obtained from Our Celestial Books until today, we call this Power ALLAH which governs these operational Orders, which Orients Humanity, which Educates and which opens for Us the Unknown Horizons.

Now, the entire Universal Totality is being United Consciously on the path of O, that is the Supreme Power we call ALLAH. During this Transition Dimension, Our Planet, too, has been Included in this Unification Tableau.

The Purpose is to constitute a Human Totality. In fact, Our World is a Stage and We are entities who share the Roles befalling on us. Our Roles are not according to our wishes. We are obliged to Apply whatever Our World Programs are.

All the Operations made in Our Planet are investments made into the morrows. To live knowing only this is the Key to happiness. During the Period we live in, in Our entire Planet there are many Spiritual Operations and Focal Points trying to form the Awareness of Unification, Peace and Friendship.

These Focal Points have been Established by People who have been Awakened by the Cosmic Influences given from the 10. Dimension in the Beginning of the 20. century and especially during its Last Half. From then on, Humanity receiving these Influences has Treaded and is still Treading this Spiritual Path either Consciously, or Unconsciously.

During this Final Age, focal points Acting in Accordance with the same Purpose and Thought have gone through a Preparation Period until today. However now, the time has come for Humanity to Unite and to Serve the SINGLE.

For this reason, if everyone can Unite under the Light of the Operations he/she has made, Our World will gain many things. The Human Being who has been able to reach a macro Consciousness from a micro-organism, in fact, is a Chain of Laws all by himself/herself. And he/she is a Micro Model of a Universe.

However, as a result of the Right or Wrong steps each Entity has taken by taking the World under his/her Monopoly in accordance with his/her Individual Views, Our World has come to these Difficult Days it is going through.

The World is a Total. It belongs to Everyone of Us together with its Nature and all the Living Beings living on it, it is not under the Monopoly of anyone. Humanity, at the moment is on the Threshold of a Progress.

During this Period, not to have Evil Intention in the Operations made, Good Intention, Believing in an Issue from the Essence, to Merge with Love, not to Discriminate People and the Effort Made on this path will provide Our Planet to reach a Global Consciousness.

This is the Unchanging Rule of Success and the Future.

In case all our Brothers/Sisters who do not leave this Universal View and the Designed Path can Succeed in walking Together hand in hand, they will carry Our Planet to the happy Morrows, each as a Person of the World Government of the Future.

Now, the World is being awakened from its Deep sleep. The Humans of the World who can look at the Future with Realization, Awareness and Reason have Dedicated Themselves to Service In Accordance With their own Views by shouldering their Universal Missions on this path.

All the positive Operations made in Our Planet are the very product of these Consciousnesses. “The Awareness of the World Brotherhood Union” too has originated from this View.

At the moment, all the suffering Our World Lives in and Goes through originate from the Unequalness of the Distribution Squares.

However, the Increasement of our Brothers/Sisters who are beyond Advantage, who are Conscious and who will Consider Important Moral Values, will constitute the perfect Foundations of the Just World Government to be formed during the morrows.

These Conscious Operations the entire Humanity takes into Effect for the Benefit of Our Planet during the second half of our 20. century are the triumph of the Cosmic Influences.

These Influences prepare Humanity for the “Unified Humanity Reality” thus, provides its Evolution towards a Universal Consciousness. For this reason, we can Think of clearly at the moment that which we could not Think of at the first half of Our Century and We can Look at the Morrows with a more lucid awareness.

The World we live in now Goes Through quite an intensive Period. However, the Human Being of the morrows will live more happily than Us. Because now, We pay the Blood Money of Our World we have destroyed Unconsciously until today by Sowing Wonderful Seeds for the morrows.

Sprouting and becoming Green of these Wonderful Seeds is the Greatest and the Last hope of Humanity. Cooperation is Unity of Power. To proceed initially from this View will be the first step taken towards the Golden Age.

If we can carry all Together this Humanitarian Torch we have taken in Our Hands without Getting Bored, without Regarding it as a Burden, we presume that Our World may attain the happiness it has Deserved. To Succeed in this will be the Pride and the Honor of Humanity.