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All Humans know that the World is a Dimension very delightful to live in. However, unfortunately, none of the Delights experienced in Here is eternal. In fact, the World has a Deceptive Magnetic Field. The attraction Power of this Magnetic Field is so Powerful that No one can easily escape from Its Vortex.

This is a Trap and at the End of this game of Chess there is always a Checkmate of the King. The Human Being can Escape slowly from This Powerful Trap of the World in the Passage of time only by the Deterrent Lessons he/she will attain by experience according to his/her Levels of Consciousness.

All Disappointments experienced are Labor Pains conveying People to a higher Consciousness. The Frustrations and the Pains a Person goes through Convey him/her to quite Different Thought Dimensions.

Dimensions of Thought are Layer by Layer. Whatever You Think according to Your Personality, you attract that. However, no Thought is Eternal, either. Because, Thought is the Only factor to elevate You to the Unknown Dimensions.

The World life is Subject to the Universal Laws and a Constitution. Here, the Law of Nature is Valid. In this program, the Big always Overpowers the Little. If the Little can not escape from its State of being Oppressed by becoming Powerful, it is doomed to be annihilated.

The Cosmos does not consent to the annihilation of anything. Because, even the minutest Energy is the Breath of the Cosmos. For this reason, for Overcoming the personality Weakness, for the Strengthening of a Consciousness the Reincarnation and the Karma programs have been taken into Effect.

The Karma programs are a program of paying Blood-Money and to make Amends for all that has past. According to Universal Laws, an Entity who was Powerful once may be programmed as a Servant-A Slave in another Period to the Entity whom he/she had oppressed in a certain Period. And thus, Blood-Money is paid and Karmas are Completed and the Evolutionary stairs are ascended by this means.

None of Us has Attained Our Consciousness and Our Personality of This moment during this Life period of Ours. The Differences of View among People is a matter pertaining to the abundance or the scarcity of the Reincarnation Rings.

The Reincarnation Knowledge is a Universal program unveiled parallel to the Consciousness Levels of Entities. Only those who can Cross over that Boundary understand and Accept Reincarnation. Everything experienced, every Breath we breath is Dependent on a Program. Knowing this Knowledge Integrates a Person with his/her World. And renders his/her life easier.