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(A Speech)

In a time Segment which can not yet be Determined definitely, by the explosion formed due to the Cosmic Sun’s becoming Satiated with Energy during the passage of time, the Phenomenon called the (Big Bang) had occurred.

By this State the Atomic Whole had come into existence, the Ordinance of Cosmoses and Life had entered into Effect Anew and these days have been reached. I would like to explain this matter to you by an example:

Now, let us Presume a very Big Meteor Falling into a very Big Sea. The first Ring forming by the Speed of this Falling body Striking the water is Equivalent to the Power of that Stone.

This First Powerful Water Ring brings into existence Visible or Invisible Energy Rings the number of which is impossible to count, by bringing into Action the Atomic Nuclei within the water.

The Power of these Rings which are close to the Center is extremely intense. However, these Rings Expand by spreading out in waves and their Power decreases as they Expand. And later, they become Invisible and Unfelt. However, these Vibrations are Present even if they are not Felt and they Continue on their way.

However, these Invisible and Unfelt Waves strike such an Energy Wall after a time period that after that Striking Point they Return towards the Center again in Waves.

This Center is the Vortex the Big Bang had brought into existence during the Period it had exploded. However, This Energy Wall to which the final Ring had stroked is not the Final Boundary of every thing; there Are Unknowns beyond that, too.

Our World Has Been Feeling, since the moment it has come into existence, these Vibrations within these Energy Rings which the Eye does not See. However, the creation upon it does not Feel them.

During these Unfelt Vibration Periods, Our World has lived a standard Life and the Progresses pertaining to Its Formation.

These Unfelt Waves have been Influential especially on Perceptions. The Augmentation of Perceptions, being always Equivalent with the Ratio of these Unfelt Vibrations by bringing into Action the Thought Vibrations, the Formation of the Human Consciousness of today has been reached.

In 1962, Our World has Felt as a Total, the Vibrations of a Photon Ring for the first time. This was the firs Jump of the World. Since this Energy Ring which was Felt carried the same frequency with the World, it perpetuated a standard Life until it came across with a second Ring in 1963.

Afterwards, Our World Constricted the Energy Rings by getting face to face with these Jumps every year. By the Constriction of the Rings the Energies intensified, and as a result, these Restrained days have been Reached.

This state of Our World had been Known a 1000 years before, even earlier, by the Celestial Authorities. And since those days, the Cosmos has taken into Effect many Operations on the path of saving the World which is its own Archive.

The Cosmos has announced to Humanity the phenomena the World would live as a result of these operations to be made as RESURRECTION through the Sacred Books.

Now, let us Return to Our World again. The Energy of Our World is Positive. However, the life upon it is both Positive and Negative. The World gathers the Negatives through the Magma since the Period of its first Existence.

However, life on its upper crust began to produce such Negatives in time periods that the Cosmos observing that the Power of the World is Waning as time goes by had been obliged to apply to Humanity the Laws of Evolution, thus, it took into Effect the Education Programs by the Sacred Books.

By this means, Our World went through 19 Cycles. You know that each Cycle is 26.000 years. In such a time period the Human Generation has not still been able to Catch the Scale the Cosmos desires. If the Human Being had been able to catch this line, a Period called Resurrection would not be relevant.

Our World is a worn out, old World. While it is being attracted at the moment by the intense Vortex Power of the Big Bang, due to the Power of intense Energy Rings into which it Enters, it becomes face to face with the Danger of being broken to peaces and with becoming nonexistent with the entire creation on it.

For this very reason, the Cosmos has taken into Effect a program called the 1900 Speedy Evolution Program. This is the 20. century (during this Period, no one has been intervened for one century in accordance with the Law of Non-intervention, everyone has been left free and all the Consciousness Data of Humanity has been registered, one by one)

According to the 1900 Speedy Evolution Program, the Cosmos has transferred the Positive Essences who have made Consciousness Progress since the First Cycle until the 19. Cycle to Our Planet rather in Female Bodies during this Final Age all.

Because, the Cosmic Energies which can not be attracted yet by Brain Power are attracted more Speedily through monthly periods by the “Estrogen Hormone” present in the Female. In this program, first it was relevant to Prevent the World from Breaking to peaces by Reinforcing its Magma first by these Energies.

By this speedy program, the Female has Reinforced the Potential of the Magma through the Cosmic Energies she has attracted every month. At the moment, the Magma has been Satiated with Energy. However, this Energy now is forcing the World’s Crust and takes into Effect the Period of Earthquakes.

During this Special Age, in all the Spiritual Operations made in every part of the World, the Female rate is ¾ and the Male rate is ¼. During this Period, the Female is a Direct in Missionary for this very reason.

After the year 1960, the Program of Attracting the Cosmic Energies through the Brain Power has come into Effect so that Humanity may become Conscious more speedily; thus, Galaxy Energies have begun to be transferred to Our World through Birth.

At the moment, Technological communication Means and Operations made on this path form an intensity in the Cosmic Energy Fields of the World and this intensity is cutting down the Speed of the World. Since this state causes slight shifts in the Magnetic Poles, Alterations in climates, too, are observed.

For this very reason, a Mass Awakening and Salvation Program is Applied on Our Planet. The Sacred Books use the Term Resurrection for these Troubled days the World lives. In fact, this Resurrection is the Becoming Conscious of Humanity and its being Resurrected by its rising on its feet.

However, there is a time period like 1.5 Billion Centuries for the Genuine Resurrection of the World (according to the given Information). This Final Age is called the Age of Transition and Salvation. The Knowledge Book has been given to Our Planet as a Book of Truth for this reason.

All the Spiritual Operations constituted in Our World are Focal Points established for assisting Humanity on this treaded path of Truth. In fact, the Human Being is a Supreme Consciousness deserving all this assistance rendered.