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The Universal Unification Project is an Operational Ordinance Prepared in accordance with the Alpha Entrance – Omega Exit Program. The18. Dimension is the Exit from Alpha. The19. Dimension is the Omega Dimension. The KNOWLEDGE BOOK conveys to Humanity Gradually All the Energy and Frequencies of the 9 Layers Within Omega. And prepares them for Exiting Omega.

Characteristics expected from Humanity in the Program of Exiting Omega are:

(Seriousness – Sincerity – Good Will – Love – Respect – Responsibility). The Cosmos has Prepared all the Operational Ordinances in accordance with this criterion. Information given to You until this moment was for You to grasp the Truth by becoming Conscious.

However, for Your being Connected to the Dimension of Salvation, the exact Application of the Suggestions by Exercising the received Information in your lives is relevant. Information given from the Alpha Channel Trains Humanity. But, Information given from Omega Conveys Humanity.

For this reason, the Knowledge Book is not a Religion Book.

Within the Knowledge Book, a Synthesis of all the Sacred Books and the Unknowns have been brought together by a Frequency Totality. For this reason, this Book is, at the same time, a Book of UNIFICATION. The Knowledge Book is the Only Guide Book of the 19. Dimension. Those who are in the Discrimination Consciousness can never take this Book in their Hands. It is presented for Your Information.