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(It is an answer to Thoughts)

Our Friends,

Calculations of Light speeds and Light years made at the Dimensions beyond time are calculated as Micron speeds and Micron years. And these calculations comprise all facts beyond Consciousness.

Speed Units of Light speeds are evaluated in accordance with the measurements of Light years after certain Dimension Mediums (The boundary at which the Brain Power takes Thought under supervision).

And these calculations are mostly used at Galactic Dimension Measurements.

Even though there are no Time Units in facts beyond Time, measurements there are evaluated by Micron Speeds, since these Mediums, too, are divided into Dimension Scales peculiar to themselves.

These Micron Speeds gain value as Micron Years in more advanced Scales.

These calculations are preparations of Dimensions of Timelessness, made according to known Time measurements and the criterion here has been considered as Dimensions of Time. And by this way, Micron Speed Units have been attained.

However at the moment, Your Planet is closed to calculations beyond Light Years.

And calculations of these Micron Speed Units, even though the criterion is the Light Speeds, results taken in the calculations made are evaluated in a completely different way. However, these evaluations are the most correct Indexes.

It is presented for Your Information.