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Now, I would like to mention to You a matter which has not been explained in Detail until today. Those who read the Knowledge Book know that at the surroundings of Our World there is a magnetic Tulle.

From this magnetic Field only Positive Energies pass, but the Negative Energies can not pass. Each breath taken in, Every event experienced is a program. Nothing is in vain; everything depends on a Law of Cause and Effect.

Nature – Earth and Water are positive. All the Negative Energies People produce through Thought penetrate all the Stones and the Earth of the World.

The Negative Energies here rise up with Water Vapor and bring into existence the Clouds. That is, Clouds carry Negative Energy.

The Trees carrying Positive Energy in Nature bring down to the World the Negative Energies within the Clouds as Water and Rain. By this means, Nature, the Earth, and the Tree are Nourished by the Cosmic Energies in this way.

Cosmic Energies are Negative. The Essence of the Human Being is Positive. Rains Nourish Nature and his/her Essence Nourishes the Human Being. The Human Being becomes Positive in proportion with his/her Evolution. And by attracting the Negative Energies, he/she dissolves them with his/her Essence Energy which is Positive.

In rural sections where there are no trees, the Human Being performs the Missions the trees perform. The more Positive Human Power is formed in an area, the more that place is subject to Negative Energy fields.

The causes of Typhoons and Floods are these. Normal World People attract Negative Energies only when they are Troubled and Distressed. And the more Negative Energy his/her Essence dissolves, the more that Entity becomes Positive and Evolved.

The World is Positive and the Human Being who becomes Negative by Fostering Negative Thoughts will always be condemned to that magnetic Field of the World.

And the World bothers the Human Being who becomes Positive by Dissolving the Negatives through his/her Essence, because he/she does not any more take pleasure from anything. Since the World is Positive, the Positive will always repel the Positive. And now, he/she is an entity who is the candidate of becoming the Resident of other Dimensions.

During this Final Age, the chaos Humanity goes through, in fact, is for the Benefit of the Human Beings. The attaining of Consciousness of a Person by becoming Evolved renders him/her Happy even in this Chaos.

In the Sacred Books this is called the becoming one of the Intellect and the Heart. Until today, always Patience has been suggested to the Human Being in all the negative events experienced.

If the Intellect and the Heart are not one, Consciousness is never attained. For this reason, all troublesome events and suicides enter into Effect.

At the moment Our World is experiencing its Resurrection due to the Negative Thoughts the Human beings produce as a mass. The one who causes everything is the Human Being.

In this life Tableau entering into Effect parallel to the law of Equilibrium, since entities who produce Negative Thoughts will always repel Each other, they will produce even more Negatives.

Opposing this, the Positive Entities, too, will increase in Equivalence with these Negatives and by this means the World will reach the capacity to be able to attract even more Cosmics.

The Human Being Evolving in the Positive direction as he/she attracts the Cosmics, will attract even more Negatives and by this means will complete his/her World program and Evolution.

However, since Imbalances will begin meanwhile in Nature and in the Climates, too, due to these Energy Imbalances occurring in Our World, Typhoons – Earthquakes – and Floods will come into Effect.

Facing this situation, the Human society not becoming Conscious yet will become even more Negative. This is a Vicious Circle. The brief and the Scientific explanation of the Cosmic Resurrection Tableau is this.