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Our Friends,

Now, We have come by the Command for Universal Unity to Your World which has been showered by Religious Guidance for Centuries.  Meanwhile, We had connections with Our Awakened Friends and helped them to discover their Essence. 

Then, by increasing Your Frequencies, We gave speed to Your Levels of Evolvement.  We have subjected You to Exams on the path of becoming Genuine Human Beings.  The narrow passage ways You pass through by the exams You had or will have are not Our gain but Yours.

When the Humanity Vibrations turn on the same brilliant Light as the Vibrations of Your Essence does, only then You get in touch with Us and You act as a Free Conscience, a Free Spirit.  Then You discover Genuine Happiness.  

We make direct contact only with Friends who possess this quality.  Our Terrestrial brothers and sisters are still searching the skies to see UFOs.  If they wish to get in touch with Us, they should first cleanse their Essence.

We began with the letter (A) of Your alphabet in order to take the Whole World into the Medium of Purity.  For this reason Religious Ties have been Strengthened anew in Your Planet.  

Our ALLAH has declared His Command to the Supreme Council to Save the Genuine Human Beings during the Period of Resurrecting, which You call the Resurrection.

We serve Your World at the moment, in accordance with the Commands of the SIRIUS Mission, together with Our Friends who have come from different Dimensions.  And, by this BOOK, We will help You to comprehend the Truths.

During this Period, if We balance those who hold the Spiritual Power in their hands with those who hold Self-Interest, they weigh equal. 

On Earth, nobody has heard any other voice until today other than the Books which are the Words of ALLAH.  Some has paid attention to this Voice which comes from the Divine Level, and some has not.  

Some of Our Terrestrial brothers and sisters who do not Believe in anything, who Deny everything, who expect to find the path in which they will Believe from Positive minds, no matter how much they consider themselves Supreme and Magnificent, during the times when they are alone with their  Consciences, being aware of their  helplessness,  have always taken shelter, within their own selves, in the PRE-EMINENT ALL-MERCIFUL.  

He/She denies everything since he/she considers this taking shelter in God as an inferiority.  Because he/she considers himself/herself as an Authority.  

Now, We ask You;  "Is the only Life in the Universe in Your Planet?"

If so, why has God given Permission to the course of Galaxies and Stars which are so far away that it is impossible to reach, which come from the Cosmos and go to the Cosmos, which are as far as billions of Light years away?  

What is the reason of these communications We have with You? 

What is the  reason for these Celestial Awakenings? 

What is the reason for this Divine Exaltation? 

We wonder how the Psychologists of the World will answer these questions.

If there is no Life in any other Galaxy than Your World, then how had Your Consciousness, Art, Learning and Your Faith been sown in Your Sub-awareness?  

While You solve everything through Your Brain which is a very Perfect Instrument, have You ever Thought, in the Pause of a moment, where do the Codes come from with which that Brain is in contact?  

If there are no Living Species living in the Celestial Segments, why did then God create the Living Being in Your Planet and did not create them in other Universes?  Was He unable to do so?  

If Mankind believes in a Power called God, then they will surely solve the Secret of the Universe in the Consciousness of its own Existence.  

If Mankind could Criticize itself in an impartial way instead of arguing in vain about Our existence or non-existence, it could have easily found Us in front of itself.  

Your Planet still expects Sounds from the Universe through primitive Radio Signals.  But We have gotten in touch with You long ago through Your Radio and TV instruments.  

In the Real Realm, We always act within the Telepathic Perceptions of Space.  Our conversation is very easy and perfect.  Those who are outside this Perception can never establish this communication.  

Our Origin comes way beyond Centuries.  We are Embodied, We are Loving.  If We so desire, We show Ourselves to many Friends and have a conversation.  (Like We do with You.) 

Our technique depends entirely on an Electronic System.  

We are not strange Entities, or a Spirit.  We are Human Beings just like You.  We Breathe, We Laugh, We Cry.  However, Our Systems are, maybe millions of times more Evolved and Perfect than Yours.  

Terrestrials who come to space can not see Us.  Because, this is a matter of Frequency Adjustment.  This adjustment is made to a Frequency on a much Higher Level than the World Frequency. 

When We harmonize Our Frequency with Yours, We wonder about in Your World.  Our very difference from You is this.  

Our Modest Friends, You do not consider Yourselves exceptional, but We get in touch with You, due to the fact that We know how Powerful You are. 

Why not with everyone but with You?  Now, let Us explain this:   

Because, You have attained the Evolvement of Centuries and reached this Consciousness.  How can Your Human brothers and sisters who have not yet attained this Consciousness deny this Medium, deny everything entirely and can say that there are no Living Beings in the Universe?  

Those who do not know the Supremacy of God, who do not see His Luminous Path can never enter Our path. 

We have been working for Centuries in the Universe by Telepathic Systems.  Your very High-Level Divine Guides have shed Light on You through this System.  

To be Evolved in the exact meaning of the word is to transcend Consciousness. 

And this occurs by the Unification of the Intellect with Logic, Unification of Consciousness with Metaphysics within the framework of Universal Theories. Goodbye.