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Our Friends,

Criticism is the only thing done in Your World full of contradiction. In fact, when Criticism is Positive, it leads a Human Being to deeper Investigation and Thought. But, negative Criticism prevents one from taking a step ahead.

Now, We Tell you the Truth crying out. There is no secrecy any more. Frequencies are Strengthened by an Automatic System. They occur through Dreams and Telepathy with the help of the Currents You receive from the Medium of Influences.

There are Our Galaxy Friends, easily living among You in Embodied forms.

They are transferred to Your World either by way of Birth or they are directly leading their way of Galactic lives in the corridors under the oceans and thus, performing their Mission. Telepath Mediums who live in Your World perform their Duty being subject to the Stimulating Power of the Mechanical System.

Our Mother Ships and Metallic Disks, which You call Flying Saucers, are getting in touch with You by means of a different method than the Wireless System.   Information is given to You by this way and the Positive or Negative Signals received from You are supervised and classified by the same method.

We reinforce the Brain Powers whose Energies can enter a Higher Dimension and thus, transfer them to High Energy Sections. We thus convey to You Information Unknown to Your World.

Do not forget that these Efforts occur by means of Your Brain Powers. You are the ones who will Work and gain. Religions have been prepared to prepare You for such a Potential and to establish harmony with Your Social Levels.

In fact, all Data excluding the Mighty Energy are the Collective Pen of many   different Mediums. The Collective Councils have offered their Suggestions in accordance with the needs, as the Divine Order, by the Command of the Divine Mechanism in the form of Sacred Books.

Following the Information about Your Religious Medium, now, let Us talk about Our togetherness with You.

Do You think You are alone? After the Incarnations You have gone through, Your Energy which leaves the World is, once more, transferred to Your World for Evolution if it was not able to attain the required Potential.

Your Body decays within the Earth. However, Your Genes are never lost. In the Laboratories here, Your Evolutionary Genes since the Period of Your First Existence are present. And they are classified in accordance with periods.

These Genes are sown while Uniting the material of the Mother and the Father by the Power of Influence.

This Triple Unification is as follows:

 Mother + Father + Essence Gene + Universal Energy = FETUS.

You are transferred to Your World by this means.

 Let Us explain this more clearly.

1 -       Mother is the most Powerful Focal Point of the Godly Plan. She is Creative.

2 -       Father is from a different Dimension. As a necessity of the Plan, he is the Stimulant and the sower of Seeds.

3 -       The Fetus has a Power equivalent to the Power of the Spiritual Plan which connects both Energies to the Universal Potential.

It is always in contact with the Energy of the Mother from the Spiritual Plan; The Two Energies are Unified as a necessity of the Plan.

In accordance with the Evolutionary Plan, it is the Mother which transfers the first Evolutionary Energies to the Fetus.

Each Mother normally is in charge of the Energies of 6 Children. These Energies are ensured by her Evolutionary Potential Power.

If the Mother wishes, she can give all these Energies to one Child or she can divide them to six or ten. This is up to her Individual Willpower.

The Creativity of the Mother comes from the Power of her Potential of Love. This is the source of her Godly Power. Her Love prepares the Life Medium for the Fetus.

The Essence Genes are Beamed down from here by Special Systems and are sown in the uterus.

Your Children are the Children of God. And, as You have all been transferred to the World by the same way, it means that all of You are the Sons and Daughters of God.

The Power of Your Essence Gene is the only Power which connects You to the Universal Potential. The Universe is dealing with You for this reason.

Since Knowing the Unknown and Seeing the Unseen is only possible by the speed of the steps taken forward, the more You operate Your Brain Generator, the greater will be Your steps. These steps will lead You to the Medium of Immortality.

Our Love is with You.